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Bruno Guillon presents “All His Turn”, the game that replaces “Les Z’Amours”

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It’s a big change that France 2 opens on Mondays late this morning. No more religious shows groups, which was launched in 1995 and discontinued after 7,556 issues. Make way for a new game: each turn. The host of the box remains the same: Bruno Gillon. The latter tells Europe 1 that he is happy to release this new entertainment, despite his emotions at the end Z’Amours, It aired on Saturday. “I was sad,” the host recognizes a microphone media culture. “percussion It was a great story, in which I was little involved: I took charge of the show for three years.”

Bruno Guillon adds, “I’m leaving eagerly, meaning the show’s audience has never been good for 10 years. The contract has been fulfilled on my part.” “But I am also leaving very sadly, because groups It is a team of about sixty people, some of whom have been there since the start of the show. Obviously, the day of filming the last show, which aired last Saturday, the feelings were special.”

Candidates who make up the “real gang”

With each turnMore marital questions, but space for general culture. The audience comprises thirty people, all of whom are candidates for the match, and are chosen every day to come and compete in a duel. Whoever wins takes the next step: the game of Japanese billiards. The agility test allows you to win money or gifts by throwing a ball into one of the holes in the pool table. Thus applicants can accumulate winnings as they are issued.

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But the losers aren’t left out because of all of that: they stay in the audience, and can even be drawn back to play again later. The process that immediately pleased Bruno Gillon. “There’s a story very quickly that will settle down with viewers, because some of the nominees will stay in many shows. We get to know them and get attached very quickly. They’ve become a real band,” he rejoices. “This is one of the rare games where, when one candidate loses, it encourages the other to win the final jackpot!”

An affinity facilitated by the ties that already exist between some candidates, who are sometimes in spouses, colleagues or from the same family. Sometimes they will have to play against each other. each turn, which begins on Monday, is broadcast every day of the week on France 2 at 11:25 am.