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Dessert disaster with famous chef and Pietro Lombardi

Steffen Henssler, competitive chef and TV wrestler, had to deliver the day. He couldn’t win the first two of four summer specials on his VOX show “Grill den Henssler”. So far there has been one defeat and one draw. Well, at first the guy got hurt and was represented by friend Detlev Steves. Due to a sore foot, “Premium Beef, Stephen Hensler,” according to presenter Laura Wontura, jogged from back stage to stage one of the lake stage at Elbauenpark Magdeburg for the third show.

This time the following celebrity team had to be defeated: Jana Inna Zarella with her garnish, Biscuit tin smoked salmon with radish and cucumber, main course duo Detlev Steves and Mathias Meester (beef steak with pomegranate dressing, stuffed carrots, leeks, leeks and peppers) and- As the highlight- dyslexic chef Pietro Lombardi (“I always cook on Sundays, and then there are scrambled eggs”) with a dessert that will be discussed later. Sweet calzone with whipped cream in a chocolate bowl. Perhaps one of the greatest disaster dishes in the history of German cooking shows.

Pietro Lombardi looked confused – and not particularly happy

When it comes to the show’s social bonding, Pietro Lombardi—who, oddly enough, has defeated Stephen Hensler twice with desert challenges in the format’s history—appears timid, almost speechless. The fact that the singer pulled out of social media soon after recording the show in order to have more time for himself is what you get in this issue of “Grill den Henssler”: The 29-year-old doesn’t seem happier at the moment and they’ve been training Intensely while cooking by his “custodial mother” Jana Inna – they are also very close to their own lives.

What could not hide the fact that Pietro was quickly overwhelmed by multitasking while cooking. When celebrity coach Johan Laver, who was working in this role for the first time, and Jana Inna wanted to train him on his part of the gentrification process at the same time, Pietro could hardly even distribute the filling contents evenly over three dumplings.

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“If they need a babysitter, I will definitely be there.”

In a rather quiet short moment of discussion, show host Pietro Laura revealed his relationship with Julian Ingels, Sarah’s new husband to his ex-wife: “Yes, he’s quite a dear man. He’s a good guy and he’s also the only person I can trust in Alessio, which is hard.” Always on my dad. I definitely wish them all the best. And if they need a babysitter, I’ll definitely be there.”

He was less relaxed about the idea of ​​the ambitious dessert that Lombardi brought to the fair. For a “sweet calzone with cream in a chocolate bowl,” a pizza dumpling stuffed with fruit and cream had to be grilled. This should be served with the help of melting chocolate and subsequently spreading the brown mass on balloons, which must be placed in the freezer for quick hardening. Work like hell for swordsmen, albeit in terms of craftsmanship.

To make it short: Henssler and Lombardi both fail massively at the task. The balloons – coming out of the freezer – don’t want to separate from the chocolate. The pizza dough wasn’t really “grilled”, but the content was mud!

The jury, made up of gorgeously still serious Christian Rach, shirt-sleeved skinny Rainer Calmond as well as Mirja Bose, who competed this time in a strange canary outfit, was not sarcastically spared: “It looks like the contents of the stomach,” and Rach commented his fully uncooked calzones with Fruit mousse and cream. And I tried another comparison: for him, for example, the taste of dumplings on a plate like “You got a call on vacation: you have to get home quickly – and therefore forget about the taste.” “If you find this pretty pink under the chocolate hood, you might misunderstand it,” Rainer Calmond commented on the balloon traces in the chocolate fudge. Perhaps what was meant was the rubber clips’ similarity to condoms, which you probably don’t want to find in food. “The wonderful evening has come to a miserable end,” Mirja Boes finally finds binding and valid words at the end of the course — and “Content” asks Calzone’s question: “Was there Ahoi-Bause there?”

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It’s true that Pietro Lombardi has become the antagonist of Stephen Hensler’s candy fear in this—for a professional chef, a really embarrassing candy look—because the singer won for the third time in a row. Overall, however, Henssler was able to get a 92 to 84 victory due to a clear lead after the previous competitions. Mirja Boes, who ranked the calzone appetizer in Lombardy better than the giant Hensler rags, brought dessert disaster with the evening’s most philosophical quote: “One got (points) more because it was less (on the plate).” A jury can hardly “analyze” the horror candy in a more magical way.