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Eglantine Aimee: Great fear and lively crying during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games

Egelentine Emeyé It was the difficult task of commenting on the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Live for France 2, the actress decodes arriving athletes with their flags on Friday 23 July 2021. A show that lasted for several hours is never an easy exercise. On social networks, many viewers note some low points.

First, it’s hard to miss the shriek of Eglantine Eimee, who was released when an insect approached her, while commenting on Guyana’s arrival at Tokyo Stadium. I immediately apologized and then accused “cockroach” or such a creature. Sequence to find above.

Many lamented the political comments about the different situations of countries rather than the abilities of the athletes, including a hateful comment on Palestine. Others lament that Églantine Emeyé still does not know that there is no sport intended for men. “Can we find other women’s sports? (Aside from boxing and judo, editor’s note),” I asked during the opening ceremony.

In any case, Églantine Emeyé had already captured the great joy of being such an integral part of France Télévisions’ commentary team at the Tokyo Olympics. However, she was not fond of Japan. “I discovered this country when I was fifteen years old. I spent the summer there as a model. At the time, I did not have an idyllic view of tourists. My son developed a passion for pokemon, then manga. Then I took him on a tour of Japan, and I finally found it great. I have found people who are very patient, loyal, and kind, even if they remain very loyal to the procedures.s”, confided to him 7 days tv.