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Buying a PS5 from Otto: Is there another sale this week?

Buying a PS5 from Otto: Is there another sale this week?


If you want to buy a PS5, you are in the right place with Otto. The trader is considered one of the most important candidates for the drop. Will it go on sale again this week?

You can also buy a PlayStation 5 from Otto.

If you’re looking to buy a PS5, it’s worth keeping an eye out for Otto. There is now a sale at the online retailer almost every week.

Status on May 16

11:00 pm: At the beginning of this year, the PS5 sale in Otto was rare. In the meantime, there are always isolated drops at the dealer. However, these are done without any major advertising, which is why you should never lose sight of Otto. As early as this week, you may get another chance to purchase the PS5 from the Otto online store.

at Otto Buy PS5*


Affiliate of Otto

Not only Otto, but also subsidiaries MyToys and Baur should be on your radar. In the past, they’ve both offered the PS5 for sale before and after the sale at Otto.

at Bor Buy PS5*


at my games Buying a PS5.*


To increase your chances of getting the console, you shouldn’t ignore other retailers either. We monitor all candidates and let you know where you might get lucky in the near future.

Accessories in Otto

To stop the waiting time, you can stock up on accessories and games suitable for your PS5 in Otto before purchasing the console.

at Otto Buy PS5 accessories and games*


By the way: If you don’t want to miss any drops, follow the PS5 Insider. There we will inform you daily of availability, contests and other promotions related to PlayStation 5.

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