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Cannes Film Festival 2021 Video: Dedication of Laurie Chuliwa to Laurent Weil, The Hospital

The Cannes Film Festival will close on Sunday 17 July. For the final time of the season on the red carpet, Laurie Cholewa once again paid tribute to her colleague and friend Laurent Weil, who sadly missed this 74th edition due to health reasons.

« It was the last sequence / It was the last session / And the curtain fell on the screen “… lyric last session By Eddie Mitchell Perfect for the closing gala of the 74th Cannes Film Festival on Saturday 17 July. This year will be marked by the return of characters loved by the common people, such as Mylene Farmer or Leos Karax, but also by the notable absence of the Russian director Kirill Serebnikov, who is forbidden to leave the Russian lands and thus from presenting his film. petro fever So far the official check. But He is another absent he wished to honor Laurie Chuliwa Few minutes into the party: Laurent Weil.

“The only downside to the festival”

Cinema specialist at the encrypted channel, Lauren Weil has not yet missed the Cannes Film Festival, slipping his microphone easily among the biggest stars of the seventh art. The latter has Unfortunately, he’s been in the hospital recently After a serious health problem. A news item announced at the beginning of the festival by her faculty, Laurie Chuliwa: « We are back but We are thinking especially hard about Laurent Weil who is unable to be with us this evening due to a health issue. The entire Canal+ management shared with us how much we love him, and how much we miss him. We’d love to have him there tonight, but we’re sure he’ll be back soon This Sunday, July 17, is first and foremost Jean-François Hallen, screenwriterOSS 117: Red Alert in Black AfricaWho made sure to greet the absent while talking to the host. So the latter took the opportunity to send a new message of support to Laurent Weil: « We told you in the opening, it’s true we’ll remind you, but Lauren Weil, who’s usually been here on the steps of Cannes, for over twenty years, has had a health problem. We wish him a full recovery, and we obviously love him very much. It was the only downside to the Cannes Film Festival. I miss Laurent so much I can’t wait for next year!

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