On Friday, WWE returned to Dallas with SmackDown Live in front of a live audience. Now there’s already a first pay-per-view with fans: WWE Money in the Bank is setting the trend for summer. Expected surprises. Here you can find the follow list and broadcast information for the July main event!

First, the fans are back, now pay-per-view, then big summer plans with SummerSlam Stadium in Las Vegas! WWE wants to give a lot of fuel to the restart – and more surprises are expected!

After defeating him at WrestleMania, he disappeared from WWE for over two months, but now he wants to edge I really know that! With the victory in the Royal Rumble, the Canadian became the number one contender for the world champion Roman times. But in the end Daniel Bryan was also in the ring.

EDGE has taken control – and it remains an outside tip!

Good news for Edge: The singles match against Roman Reigns is now late. And after the R-rated star has dominated Reigns and his clan for weeks, many fans are hoping for a title change on Monday night!

In light of SummerSlam’s potential plans for “Head of the Table,” such a change of title would be a huge surprise. In any case, the audience can expect a heated match, should Edge also receive such a heroic reception at the Pay-Per-View in Forth Worth as on Friday at SmackDown in Houston, Texas.

Kofi will still be able to dream!

Dreaming on the rough side Kofi Kingston From “KofiMania 2”. yes Bobby Lashley He pulled a different thread on Raw last Monday – and even threatens to end Kingston’s career!

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The same goes for this conjunction: a change of address seems highly unlikely. Instead, everything indicates that WWE has already picked a larger caliber than Lashley’s opponents at SummerSlam!


The WWE Network broadcast offers a total of five title matches on Monday night, including the Raw Women’s Championship, plus both versions of tag team titles on the line — Usos and Mysterios already hitting the start — showed off each other!

Matches to get WWE money in the bank at a glance

*** Um Yamout WWE Championship Match:

Bobby Lashley (Midfielder) vs. Kofi Kingston

*** World Championship Match:

Roman Reigns (c) vs Edge

*** MD RAW Women’s Championship:

Ripley (c) vs Charlotte Flair

*** UMM-Matt Raw Tag Team Championship:


*** Men’s money in bank match for title chance:

Ricochet vs. John Morrison vs. Riddell vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kevin Owens vs. Big E vs. King Nakamura vs. Seth Rollins

*** Women’s money match in the bank for a title chance:


*** Match um die SmackDown Tag Team Championship (Kickoff-Show):

Ray and Dominic Mysterio (c) vs. Jimmy and J. Uso

information stream: This month, WWE Pay-Per-View will be available Monday night (July 19) from 2:00 AM GST – in Germany exclusively at WWE Network.

The Dickies Arena show in Forth Worth, Texas starts an hour earlier at 1 a.m. Immediately thereafter, the on-demand transmission can also, of course, be broadcast at any time.

Overall, it looks like the WWE PPVs will now go live again regularly at 2:00 AM. For a number of years, I started at 1:00 AM.

Make a note of this: SummerSlam in August will run exceptionally at night from Saturday to Sunday (21.8. to 22.8.). Perfect for everyone who wants to watch and sleep in live broadcasts.

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Three former pocket holders try their luck again

MITB- Date: WWE Money in the Bank was added to the pay-per-view calendar as a major event in its own right in 2010, making it the 12th time this year.

Exactly 10 years ago there was a legendary version: in Chicago there was a 5-star duel between John Cena and CM Punk. Local champion Punk won the WWE title that evening and indicated – within the story – his desire to leave the promotion with the belt.