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Carmen Salinas does not wake up from a coma and this is what the doctors said

Carmen Salinas does not wake up from a coma. (Photo: Instagram)

Famous and popular Mexican actress Picture of Carmen Salinas He does not wake up from a coma and his relatives do not lose hope as well as many of his fans and co-stars from the show. On the 19th of November this year, Doctors gave their diagnosis and decided that if the artist woke up, she would not return to work in the short term.

This is because of Carmen Salinas He was working on the TV series “Mi Fortuna es Amarte”. After waking up from the coma, The Mexican will have to focus on her rehabilitation and will have to put her career aside, at least for a while.

Relatives of Carmelita were responsible for informing the public through a statement on the actress’s Instagram account.

“To the general public and the media: Through this medium, we know that with the instructions of the doctors, Mrs. Carmen Salinas, if she regains consciousness, must undergo a rehabilitation process that does not allow her to have short-term activity work. This is due to the fact that she She was committed to various projects ”, You can read.

They also indicated that they continue to pray for the health of the actress. “We continue to pray for his speedy recovery and appreciate all expressions of affection towards our family. Sincerely, Salinas Lozano family”, Concludes.

The family of Carmen Salinas talks about the health of the actress.  (Photo: Instagram)
The family of Carmen Salinas talks about the health of the actress. (Photo: Instagram)

TELEVISA make the decision about my fortune is to love you

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for this part, Televisa He has already made his decision known as to what will happen to the character of Carmen Salinas in Mi Fortuna Es Amarte. As we remember, Carmelita plays the role of Margarita Dominguez Negret “Magos”.

And although producer Nicandro Diaz initially indicated that he would wait for the actress to recover, they finally announced that co-star Maria Rojo would be temporarily responsible for playing the role.

Mi Fortuna Es Amarte Productions reports today (November 19) that first actress Maria Rojo will temporarily replace Ms. Carmen Salinas, to give continuity to Margarita Dominguez Negret’s character, Magos. This is every time the production is on the air and that requires continuing to progress with its recordings.” This is stated in the statement posted on Televisa’s Twitter account.

Likewise, the document also notes the sentiment of producer Nicandro Diaz, who indicated that he had not intended to make alterations out of respect for Carmen Salinas.

Producer Nicandro Diaz emphasized that “Every production of my fortune loves you, so expect a speedy recovery for Donna Carmen Salinas. She is awaiting her development and is close to the actress’ family. make it clear, Since the medical team indicated that the healing process would continue, which was confirmed by the family, the decision was made to invite actress Maria Rojo, who will play the role of Magi “, Concludes.

Televisa reports that María Rojo will replace Carmen Salinas.  (Image: Twitter)
Televisa reports that María Rojo will replace Carmen Salinas. (Image: Twitter)

Carmen Salinas changed her will

journalist Dale Queiroz From Arguende TV, that the actress made a last-minute change of will. According to the journalist, Carmen Salinas went to the notary days before he had a stroke.

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What was known to the public was that the Mexican already had everything fully commissioned in case she lost her life. However, these differences cast doubt on this situation.