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Carol J and his dad joke with a song with J Balvin and Nikki Jam

Colombian singer Carol GEFE / Giorgio Vieira / Archive

Last Thursday, June 17, a new remix of the song “Poblado” was released featuring several urban genre advocates, including Karol G, J Balvin, and Nicky Jam. During what appeared to be lunch on Saturday afternoon, while her mother turned her back to the camera, “Bichota” focused first on her mother, Martha Cecilia Navarro and began a conversation with her father.

There, Guillermo Giraldo’s daughter, who is also the artist’s director and known as “Papa G,” tells him: “Dad, look, there’s his little ass,” The man responds: “Ah yes, I already have the papers,” Immediately he provoked a great laughter among those present and the reaction of his mother, who turned to the gaze and laughter of those present.

Taken from Instagram @famososhastalaz

Strange maneuver during video recording

The publicity was strong in front of the song, and the anticipation of fans made the official video, in less than 24 hours, managed to reach more than 4,700,000 views on YouTube. And even two days ago, J Balvin asked his followers to leave 500,000 comments on one of his photos to release the video as soon as possible.

However, one of the recording’s most memorable details was Karol G’s bizarre acrobatics on a motorbike, which, in another context, might be risky.

Karol G, Colombian reggaeton, launched her new collaboration and surprises in the video with her maneuvering on a motorbike.  Photo: Instagram Karol G
Karol G, Colombian reggaeton, launched her new collaboration and surprises in the video with her maneuvering on a motorbike. Photo: Instagram Karol G

The video, which is set in the exclusive neighborhood of the capital of Antioquia, has different scenarios. In the middle of the video, “La nena de Medellín” is seen surrounded by motorcyclists on a dark street.

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In it, we see how motorcyclists raise the front wheel of a vehicle to move with only one wheel on the street. In one of the shots, you can see how the singer rides on the front tire cover and thus travels a few meters with the Pisa on board.

Carol J’s private party in Medellin

Thanks to his successful music career, Carol J She enjoys being one of the most popular Colombian singers at the moment and the millions of copies her songs have made on digital platforms is proof of that.

But far from her life as an artist, the translator of “Bichota” He has appeared in the news in recent weeks on account of the various parties he has been seen taking part in, such as the one that took place in Medellin on the night of June 15. This is how he was allowed to view videos posted by several Colombian influencers who attended the private meeting.

Natalia Segura, known in the world of social networks as La SeguraHe was one of those who documented a large part of the meeting that after dancing with him La Lindra, Daiki Gamboa, Daniela Arango s Javier Cardona.

In another video shared by influencer Cali via her Instagram account, it is observed when Carol J appears and begins interpreting “Pandoleros”, the success of Don Omar and Tego Calderon; In addition to his most famous songs.

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