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Charlene leaves Monaco: Prince Albert reveals a secret

Charlene’s return to Monaco was eagerly awaited, but the joy of seeing each other was short-lived. She has already left her adopted home again!

Monaco – Princess Charlene, 43, returned to her family in Europe at the beginning of November, but was unable to enjoy time with the four of them for long. As reported by *Her husband Prince Albert II (63) revealed in his latest interview that the 43-year-old has already turned her back on Monaco.

Charlene leaves Monaco: Prince Albert reveals a secret

recognition Prince Albert* It shouldn’t just cause stunned faces among Monaco. In preparation for the celebration of Monaco’s National Day, Albert entrusted the magazine “Monaco-Matin” with information about his wife’s health. The palace had already announced shortly before that Charlene will not attend the National Day celebrations* He is currently in a secret location. Albert has now revealed surprising details about her whereabouts.

Because she has not yet recovered from her illness Forstein Charlene* Apparently leaving Monaco: “She is in better shape, but still needs peace and quiet. She is not in the principality, but we will be able to visit her soon. […] It is fatigue, but not just physical, that can be treated with a rest phase and aftercare. “For safety reasons, Albert does not want to reveal where Charlene is continuing her recovery process. Since the mother of two is still frail, she may have chosen a resort nearby.

Princess Charlene of Monaco left a few days after returning home (avatar).

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Charlene leaves Monaco: her children suffer from separation pain

While Charlene’s one-month stay in South Africa*Albert took care of their twins jack* (6) and Gabriella (6). A difficult time, according to Albert, did not leave the royal offspring without a trace. Monaco told Matin that they both suffered from the absence of their mother. The Head of State of Monaco did not want to neglect his responsibility as a parent: “If one parent is absent for medical reasons, the other parent must be there.”* is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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