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Claude Puel, coach of Saint-Etienne, after the defeat to OM: “We were under a little pressure”

Is this defeat a disappointment?
Yes, even if it is in Marseille, in a stadium full. Our first course was indoors. We were technically poor. She found us shy, under pressure, because of the noise on the field, we lost control. We raced a lot to keep that score and it was good to get back to 1-1 at the break. We are off to a good start.

We abandon ourselves, and manage with more control to bring danger to them. During a stronger period, we take that second goal that hurts us so much. But we leave with this ball 2-2. I think there is a penalty as well. But the VAR decided otherwise. The third goal puts an end to everything, even if we still have a ball we go back to 3-2 on the last ball. You have to know how to be “killers”. Marseille played a good game but we are frustrated because when we could put more foot on the ball we put them in doubt and the match could have turned.

“I hope we learn quickly and quickly tame this environment.”

Orange-Vélodrome was full on Saturday. (A. Rio / Team)

Did you understand why the referee did not award you a penalty at the end of the match?
No, I don’t know. Everything is important. We lose two goals. Yes. But there are times in the game when it doesn’t really matter. We have to make better use of some situations that can change the whole face of the match. “