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Super Chance Results 28.08.2018 Yesterday’s draw results at 14 and 21:50

Yesterday’s Super Chance Draw results (28/08/2021) are now available. Of course, I’m talking about the Super Chance results pulled yesterday from 14:00, as well as the results of the Super Chance draw, which took place yesterday at 21:50. Compare the numbers drawn with the numbers on the coupon and see how much you win. Maybe this time you will be lucky enough to win the super chance on 08/28/2021 and it will be yours.

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Super chance draw 08/28/2021 (yesterday): results from 2 pm

Is your winning the super-chance almost certain? Have you ever dreamed of what you will do with a mountain of money? Even if you do not have big dreams, the money from your earnings will definitely be useful to you and will allow you to realize small dreams for yourself or your loved ones. Check the results of yesterday’s Super Chance Draw (08/28/2021) at 2 pm This way you will know if yesterday’s Super Chance Draw brought you luck. The numbers drawn are:
number Super opportunities to me:

2 6 1 3 6 8 0

Super Chance results from yesterday (28/08/2021) at 21:50

More interested in the results of last night’s Super Chance Draw? We have them too! Take a look at your voucher and the numbers painted on it are 21:50 yesterday (08/28/2021). The lucky numbers are:
number Super opportunities to me:

2 8 0 7 0 5 5

Lotto results

super opportunity It is a game of chance run by Totalizator Sportowy, companion to other games, except Keno. Super Chance is a seven-digit number that ranges from 0000000 to 9999999.

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Super Opportunity – How to check drawing results?

The draw, in which the activated Super Chance number participates, takes place at the same time as the main game you chose (eg Lotto). You can check your Super Chance drawing results by checking the number of consecutive digits of your Super Chance number (you can find your Super Chance number on your coupon, and check the number of entries starting at the end of the number). The 7-digit Super Chance number is on all Lotto tickets except Keno. In order for the figure to participate in the competition, the appropriate box must be ticked on the form. Thanks to this, the Super Chance number will participate in the draw.
You can check your Super Chance drawing results with us.

Partner promotional materials

Partner promotional materials

Super Opportunity – When will the results of the drawing be?

Super Chance Draws accompanies all other raffles, so the results of the Super Chance Draw appear twice a day, 7 days a week. You will learn both Super Chance results from 14:00 and Super Chance results from 21:40.

Super Opportunity – What kind of bonus can Super Chance draw results provide?

Super Chance has seven winning levels. The winnings in each degree have guaranteed amounts, from PLN 2 up to 2,000,000 PLN.

The highest prize is 2 million PLN

Super Chance – Who checked the results and won?

8 people have already checked the results of the Super Chance drawing to be able to enjoy an additional 2 million PLN. People whose chosen numbers coincided with the results of the Super Chance drawing were played in Legionowo, Marki, Dąbrowa Chełmińska, Kaniwola, Strzelce Opolskie, Wrocław, Poznań, Pruszcz Gdański and Tomaszów Lubelski.
## Have you reviewed your Super Chance results and joined the group of winners?

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