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Cofece fined CDMX Airport 848 million pesos for monopolistic practices - El Financiero

Cofece fined CDMX Airport 848 million pesos for monopolistic practices – El Financiero

The Mexico City International Airport (AICM) A fine of 848 million 888 thousand 633 pesos because he committed a monopolistic practice In the manner of refusing treatment, the Federal Economic Competitiveness Commission (Cofece) reported this Thursday.

The committee clarified that AICM banned the company from ground transportation a Arrival at the airport.

This company wanted to offer Car transfer service of passengers from Puebla and Puebla airports to AICM, but by not obtaining the approval of the airport authorities, exclusive advantages were created in favor of two pass holders on the same route, separating them from competition at the expense of users.

“By denying access to UNE, without justification, AICM has granted benefits undue to holders of applicable permitsThose who maintained their positions without facing competitive pressures. This has translated into a loss of well-being for users of the service, who would have had more options and lower prices if the prohibited practice had not been configured,” emphasized Cofece.

The regulator noted that this is not the first time that AICM has acted in this way, but there is already a history of penalties for monopolistic practices, which are already a repeat offender.

was established Two recommendations to AICM So that it begins to suppress its anti-competitive behaviour.

on one side, AICM shall justify the meaning of the opinions it issues In terms of Article 47 of the Federal Roads, Bridges and Automated Transportation Act to enter a new operator, or to increase the fleet of vehicles for existing permit holders, based on technical and non-discriminatory considerations, stating the reasons, motives and circumstances that it deems applicable.

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And on a second point, you should Airport Arrival Guaranteeto UNE, as well as to Economic Agents who have or have been granted a permit granted by the Infrastructure, Communications and Transport Secretariat to provide airport car service, as long as the requirements are met.

In order to verify the suppression of conduct, Cofece may require AICM, for a period of five years and at any time, for documentation evidencing compliance with the obligations imposed.

Once the AICM has been notified of the decision, the Economic Agent has the right to go to the Judicial Branch of the Federation to review the Commission’s actions, through an indirect protection procedure.