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Complete success! Grupo Firme announces second appointment at Foro Sol

The group Grupo Firme showed on Tuesday that they are one of the most popular bands at the moment, and within a few minutes their concert tickets in March 26 In Foro Sol. For this reason, through the social networks of Ocesa New appointment Its second show is at the same venue, but now on March 25th.

As of 11 a.m., a pre-sale has opened through the Ticketmaster page for Citibanamex customers, due to the number of fans looking for a ticket to the long-awaited concert, they created Virtual queue of more than two thousand people.

In social networks, Grupo Firme has become a trend due to hundreds of comments from fans who are surprised by it run out. lead singer of the band, Edwin Kaz, who also appeared on his Instagram account within the first hour of the pre-sale and encouraged people to buy their tickets and not be left out of the experience.

Tickets for the March 26 show in Foro Soul ranged from 720 pesos to 2,400 pesos in the green. Although Wednesday, January 12, will be the second day of pre-sales with Citibanamex cards, tickets are no longer available.

For this new date, March 25The pre-sale will be on January 13 and 14 through the Ticketmaster ticketing service with the same dynamics, and the sale to the public will be on January 15, if tickets are not finalized this second time.

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