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Conference Tournament Qualifiers. Silesia Wroclaw – Ararat Yerevan. Match result and summary. Who advances to the next round?

Before Śląsk players Wrocław and Ararat Yerevan entered the field, the former’s promotion seemed to be a formality. Nothing could be more wrong – their many mistakes meant that the Armenians were engaged in an equal fight and for a long time it was not known who would last.

The goal that made Silesia sleep

They started with an electrifying effect on the army. This was the second minute that Beech hit the net. Before that could happen, Praszelik played the move on the left flank, where Garcia crossed. Germakov managed to shoot the ball, but it fell directly under the feet of the Slovak, who put the ball into the net.

Although Exposito and Pich later checked the reactions of the Ararat defenders and his goalkeeper several times, the swiftly scored goal seemed to take the hosts by surprise. As the match progressed, the Armenians attacked more boldly and dangerously, and finally scored two goals in three minutes. First, Kony hit after a royal pass, then Debble hit him from the right, throwing the ball into an empty net. In both cases, the central defenders of the WKS behaved poorly, because they practically did not protect the attackers.

A commendable result

Shortly after leaving the dressing room, Jacek Magiera’s side scored a second goal – specifically Makowski. However, the Polish team enjoyed the blow for a while, because after consulting the referees, the main referee made the right decision not to have a goal, because the Silesian midfielder helped himself to control the ball. After about ten minutes, the doubts disappeared. After the corner kick, Gula played the ball along the goal line, adding only Lukot with a leg to defeat Germakov.

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The issue of Silesia’s progression to the next round of the WKS Conference League was decided upon by approximately 65 minutes. The goal work was started in the middle of the field by Exposito. And the Spaniard played to the right of Janacek, who crossed a flat and difficult road for the opponent. Beech jumped from behind one of them and surprised him and goalkeeper Ararat. Thanks to this goal, coach Magira’s accusations practically decided on the promotion, although at the end of the second half Silo scored 3: 3.

Silesia’s next competitor in the conference tournament qualifiers will be Hapoel Beersheba.

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