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Daniel Levy has colon cancer: After he was hospitalized, I finally told his wife

Daniel Levy has colon cancer: After he was hospitalized, I finally told his wife

Sandrine, the wife of Daniel Levy, decided to give news about the singer. On Instagram, she broke the silence months later to reveal how her husband has been. The latter was hospitalized and had surgery in April while battling colon cancer.

This was a concern for fans of Daniel Levy. Since April 21, the latter has no longer had any news about the singer for 60 years. A few days ago, the artist’s wife announced through a press release that he was taken to the hospital and had surgery urgentlyAfter some complications“.” Rest assured, he’s been back home since then and He will recover for a few months To come back with God’s help strongerI explained, explaining that he had to Rescheduling some tour dates. The audience has finally learned that Translator Desire for love with “He was gradually recovering“While he has been battling since 2019 against colon cancer. A disease he had confirmed expensive, last February. “I take care of myself, I take care of myself. The disease is stable. I stopped chemotherapy, which made me tired. I’m going to attack the immunotherapy protocol to boost my immune system. I target the wrong things. lungs‘, he revealed.

Daniel Levy is still recovering

After a long silence, on Monday, July 11, Danielle Levy’s wife posted a new message informing her of the news and This is reassuring. “Dear friends, after a long absence, please forgive my silence. My priority was to be with my husband.
We are still recovering well and we are getting better. Know that she misses you so much with the help of J… He will soon find you on stage And in good condition. Thank you to all the hospital services at European Hospital, thank you to all the doctors for their inexhaustible dedication, thank you all for all your prayers as we continue. (…) We love you, and again with all our hearts, “Thank you for being there for him, for us’We can read in a post published on Instagram, soothing words for the fans who do not stop praying for the recovery of the artist.

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