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Video: The emotional gift Daniel Arenas gave to Daniela Alvarez on her birthday

Video: The emotional gift Daniel Arenas gave to Daniela Alvarez on her birthday

Photo: Instagram danarenas

One of the celebrity couples who moved the most on social networks is Daniela Alvarez and Daniel Arenas. Both of them constantly share their gossip with all the love they feel, and recently released yet another proof that they are for each other.

Through Instagram, the model and presenter posted an emotional message addressed to her partner, with whom she is currently sharing a trip through Europe. In the footage it is revealed that the actress presents her with several gifts: the first is a collage with photos in which the two appear at different times, accompanied by the message “Happy Birthday, love”, and in another part of the clip you can. See the scooter-mounted model that her boyfriend also made.

She was in her car while Daniel recorded her in various places in the French capital, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Seine and the Louvre. Alongside the video, Alvarez shared a touching message at the bottom of the post proving not only the love he feels for him, but also the details he received during the time they were together.

As you once told me, sweet love: “Hand in hand, walk, roll or carry you if that’s the case.” Every day you teach me more the meaning of unconditional love, which does not look at difficulties or circumstances, which does not see what is needed, but the very essence of my heart.The presenter started writing. Likewise, he highlighted his loyalty considering his injury to one of his legs.

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“This adventure was so challenging, even with my foot injured and unable to walk, I decided to cross the world with me and in good health… Nothing beats wearing your shoes 3 sizes bigger than mine so I can have my oxygen machine on my feet”referring to the journey they both experienced on the other side of the world despite the difficulties presented.

Through Instagram, presenter Daniela Alvarez shared a touching video with her boyfriend Daniel Arenas in Paris. Video: via Instagram (@danielaalvareztv)

Finally, I learned about the giving details of the scooter so you can move while the wound heals: “Always full of blessings, we get our own scooter at the last minute for not supporting the foot while recovering”, he said in the text of the post, which reached, in less than a day, more than 235 thousand views and about 6,300 comments, many of whom admire the couple. Personalities such as Mónica Rodríguez, Julieta Piñeres, Daniela Donado, Manuela González (formerly MasterChef Celebrity) and Maleja Restrepo also interacted on the emotional video.

It is worth noting that several days ago, a model and a businesswoman revealed this He had a new, deep wound on his side.

“I want to tell you that my sore foot has reopened a little, what stress (…) They will give me a pump therapy to recover quickly, starting with the hyperbaric chamber, a great shot of 100 percent oxygen that will help me improve my tissues,” explained the woman from Barranquilla.

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Days later, he revealed to his followers how he recovered from the sores using Natrox, a device that generates oxygen and directs it through a thin, flexible tube into Oxygen Management System (ODS) It is in direct contact with the wound surface.

The presenter shared the details of the serious condition on the sole of the foot due to lack of sensitivity

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