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Daring to eavesdrop on users? We explain – TELEPOLIS.PL

Yes, the popular and beloved music processing software until recently has a new privacy policy. But still this is a reason to remove it from your computer.

Watch out for Audacity, the headlines have been buzzing since this morning. From reading we will learn that the popular audio processing software has changed its owner, and its new owners have canceled the privacy policy and Now they will eavesdrop on users, and collect a rich set of telemetry data. How much is the truth, how much is half the truth, and how much is the feeling? Let’s analyze it calmly.

At first – dry facts. substantially, Muse Group has captured the daringHowever, this is not a completely anonymous company, but a company registered in the United States that deals with software related to music in a legal way. Its portfolio includes items such as Ultimate Guitar and MuseScore.

What particularly shocked users is this Legal provisions regarding data collection. what kind? – You will ask. The documents show that we are talking about the father. Hardware specifications, IP address, user’s country of origin, as well as “information required by law enforcement agencies”. Of course, the most controversial point is this last one, but you should be aware that it results directly from the law.

After receiving the inspection order, An American businessman cannot hide the data collected from investigators. Giants like Apple and Google sometimes try to implement their own interpretations, and pro-privacy activists cite the Fourth Amendment, but the powerful government lobby remains unmoved. So if you store any information on servers in the USA, you should take into account that when law enforcement agencies request it, they will be granted access.

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Audacity – removed or not? In short: no

Audacity’s story isn’t a very special oneBecause Muse has exactly the same terms and conditions for all other services and tools in its portfolio. Not only that, the provision regarding data availability for services can also be found in Internet tycoons regulations, with Google already mentioned in the lead. Or in Windows 10 — which, by the way, makes the entire work environment somewhat moderated, if we stick to the privacy grounds.

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In short: if we don’t try, someone will still have our data, and Boldness is definitely not the most greedy in this regard. General specifications of devices, IP address or country of origin even by … websites are usually downloaded through Google Analytics, which speaks for itself. It must be added The new privacy policy does not work with older software versions.

The developers on GitHub have already confirmed it Versions 2.4.2 and 3.0.2 are completely free of telemetry. This is it, if you want Safer program, just do not update it. You don’t need to rush to clean the drive. otherwise – The tool maintains the GPL license all the timeThus its code is open and relatively easy to verify. Do not panic.

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