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Delegation contracts - full participation in government plans

Delegation contracts – full participation in government plans

The government is reverting to the idea of ​​making full contributions to the orders, writes “Rzeczpospolita”. Deduction of contributions for additional employees means a salary reduction of up to several hundred zlotys per month. At the national level, the Social Insurance Institution will earn 4 billion PLN in this way. At the same time, for contractors, it means raising capital for future retirement.

According to the newspaper, the Minister for Family and Social Policy, Marlina Mallig, has just sent the 2022 National Employment Action Plan for public consultation, which announces a real revolution for nearly a million contractors. In this group about 650 thousand. In such a contract, he receives additional money for a full-time job or a pension. For the remaining 350 thousand. Contracted persons are the main source of income. For many people, this may be another drop in their earnings after the Polish Lada.

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Rzeczpospolita: changes in orders in the plans of the Ministry

“The Ministry’s plans for this year include the full assignment of orders. The reform provides for the order of the social insurance system, tightening the rules of subjection to insurance, increasing insurance protection, increasing long-term future benefits, and disproportion between work contracts and delegation contracts within the framework of the social insurance system, and given the nature of the reform multidimensional, the minister decided to extend the individual stages of their implementation until 2024. Everything indicates that the ministry is currently working on changes that may come into effect next year, but no later than the beginning of 2024. ” – we read in “Rzeczpospolita”.

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The newspaper stresses that after the changes, the rule in force since 2016 that a person who earns on several contracts does not have to pay the full contributions to the Social Insurance Institution, if he is already fully insured against at least the amount of the minimum wage, will disappear from the regulations.

“In practice, it is sufficient for such a contractor to have a full-time job, run a business with full ZUS contributions or fully insured against an application against at least PLN 3010, so that he does not have to pay ZUS contributions from subsequent contracts concluded during the month and only Health insurance premiums. The PiS government has already tried this change several times, which, according to ZUS estimates, will increase premium revenue by up to 4 billion PLN annually “- it was written.

Full payment of orders is a loss of up to several hundred zlotys

I would add that deduction of these contributions means a reduction in the wages of contractors by up to several hundred zlotys. “For example, a person who by the end of last year received a total of 3,000 additional PLN on a non-contributory order, received 2,554 PLN per hand. After paying the full contributions, he would only receive 2,266 PLN, which is what It is reduced by approximately 300 PLN.

“On the other hand, a person who earns 6000 zlotys per month until the end of last year will receive 5109 zlotys per hand until the end of last year and, having fully contributed to the task, will receive a payment of 4,533 zlotys. He will lose more than 570 zlotys per month in this turnover “- Lists of Rzeczpospolita.

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