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Drake Bell was charged with a crime against minors

Drake Bell was sentenced to two years of probation by the US authoritiesWho will pay the penalty? Reporter To your prison term with 200 hours of community service in CaliforniaAfter the hearing on Monday 12 July.

through audience via ZoomAnd the The judge selected this sentence for the musician and actor, who recently celebrated his birthday, and celebrated them both at Disneyland, with his son and wife, whom we didn’t know publicly before June.

Why was Drake Bell sentenced?

The events for which the composer was sentenced occurred in 2017 with a girl who attended one of his concerts at a nightclub in Ohio when she was 15 years old. moreover, The musician sent inappropriate messages, revealing to the audience that they have sexual content for the artist.

She told her version of the story, describing the events, as well as the repercussions of the experience they left, He admits to having panic attacks sometimes; Likewise, classify him as a pediatrician.

I was definitely one of his biggest fans.” “I would do anything for him.”. However, she reports that he engaged in sexual behavior with her on some occasions, including backstage at the concert in Cleveland.

else June 23, the star who became known by Nickelodeon Admitting guilt through someone else public Zoom Felony, attempting to endanger a minor and with misdemeanour, to spread material harmful to minors.

In 2018, after the victim appeared before the Toronto Police Department in Canada, due to the events that took place in the nightclub in Cleveland, Ohio, where he appeared that night, and since then, contacts began between the corresponding authorities in both countries, culminating in his work. Arrest, trial and sentencing: 200 hours of community service and testing.

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The investigation of the authorities revealed that they actually had a link that they made from social networks, where they met; defend Bell claimed that the chat conversations were consensual.

The musician was arrested andOn June 4 in the United States, he was charged with violating the rights of minors; Likewise, he was fined $2,500 and a restraining order for the victim.

After the failure, Drake Bell interacts by playing the piano with his son

Moments after his sentence was pronounced, Drake Bell showed a baby that was supposed to be his son. Last month, he revealed on Twitter that he has a wife and son, which is unknown to the public. Now, after not being sent to prison, The 35-year-old musician performed his song I know and Instagram.