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Prince George: The young British king is elated at the European Championship finals

Laughing, screaming, cheering, falling into the arms of his father and then his mother: Prince George was allowed to watch the European Championship final in London on Sunday. The seven-year-old wears a suit and tie, just like his father, Prince William.

But the uniform doesn’t stop him from expressing his feelings after 1-0 with England and feeling as happy as any other football fan. George’s cry of jubilation with his mouth wide open after England’s first goal warms hearts and spreads quickly over the net.

Prince William comforts his son – and the players

“He’s so cute, I can hardly stand it,” one Twitter user wrote. Another writes: “He stole attention.” Viewers filmed their TV screens and commented that the prince saved the evening, and that his reaction was “brilliant”, “I have a good feeling when this kid rules our country.”

Prince George may have been the eye-catching cute in the final between England and Italy. His parents allowed their son to be there until 11 p.m., with the exception of an exceptional finale. It was the first major tournament final for England since 1966 (4:2 nV in a World Cup final against Germany).

In the end, when it was over for England and Gareth Southgate’s side lost on penalties, George was disappointed. Seriously looking at the playground, his father carefully puts his hands on his shoulders and comforts him. Then William briefly goes to the players. Their world has collapsed, too.

“Thank them for their commitment,” Southgate said, adding to the mood, “You can imagine what it feels like there.” 25 years ago, also in the semi-finals at Wembley against Germany, it was Southgate who got it wrong. decisive punishment.

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Prince William also offered condolences to his deeply grieving compatriots on Twitter. “You have all come this far, but unfortunately that was not our day. You can all walk with your heads held high, and be proud of yourselves.”

Prince William also commented on racist comments made by some football fans. After players Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho awarded penalty kicks in the European Football Championship final, they were insulted on social media. William tweeted that he was tired of the racial slurs after last night’s game. “It is completely unacceptable for players to put up with such appalling behaviour.” Something like this must stop, everyone involved must be held accountable.

Note: In an earlier version of this piece of news, we wrote that England won the European Championship 55 years ago. In fact, England won the World Cup in 1966. We corrected the mistake.