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Famous House 2: Laura Bozzo and Niurka, the reality show’s new contenders? | Telemundo Offers | nnda-nnlt | Fame

“The House of the Famous” 2, a stellar reality show produced by Telemundo, has started its second season, there’s no doubt about it Laura Pozzo y NEORCA MARCOS They are the heroes who generate the most cuteness and disease. The Peruvian talk show host and the Cuban actress met again after their public quarrels and more than one was attentive to both of them’ gestures and postures. The first impression was that “they seem to have fallen on the peace pipe”.

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The show, which began its second season on May 10, featured the first images of each of the Mexican TV celebrities meeting, and from what was seen, the early days of cohabitation were a whirlwind of emotions.

While Laura Bozzo was uncomfortable with some of her classmates’ attitudes, as well as not having all the things she needed on hand – like her medication – Niurka was gossipy with everyone and even made a fuss with every comment – like the one she was She talks about Osvaldo Rios, who said “I ate it” a few years ago.

The 54-year-old Cuban caused quite a stir when she arrived at The House of Celebrities 2 (Photo: Niurka/Instagram)

Nyurka arrives at ‘Celebrity House’ 2 and Laura Pozzo’s reaction

When Niurka Marcos entered “The House of Celebrities” 2, Laura Bozzo tried to hide her annoyance to greet her and even threatened to hide to avoid that moment. She went to her room for a moment, but the Cuban Expedite went to look for her there and the first words occurred between them.

“You won’t get rid of me that easily.”Nyorka said. “I thought you’d call me ugly,” Laura commented. “Not a doll, a doll!”Niurka’s reaction. Hours later, the ex-wife of TV producer Juan Osorio tried to reassure the famous “Miss Laura”, who was upset that the production of the reality show had not sent her medications.

“On the first day, shake my hand so people know it’s not forced… I won’t let you leave so quickly, otherwise how can I have fun?”Nyorca joked at the time that she wanted to placate the Peruvian TV presenter, who said in a moment of anger that she would be “the first to leave the competition, you guys”.

Will Nyurca and Laura Pozzo be allies or is it a strategy?

The media began speculating whether Niurka’s attitudes toward Laura Bozzo responded to a genuine desire to be friends and allies on the reality show or just a strategy. And for the times when the Peruvian had disappeared from the scene, the Cuban didn’t speak well of it.

She told me, “I thought you were going to call me ugly,” and I said, “How! “She can make me sleep”The actress said to everyone’s laughter until Laura showed up and they changed the subject. Originality or strategy? Only time together will tell

The 69-year-old Peruvian threatened to leave the house in the early days (Photo: Laura Bozzo/Instagram)
The 69-year-old Peruvian threatened to leave the house in the early days (Photo: Laura Bozzo/Instagram)
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