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They criticize Sylvia Penal’s family for “presenting” her

They criticize Sylvia Penal’s family for “presenting” her

Silvia Penal’s return to the stage was not as expected and far from being a successful return, her appearance in the premiere of “Little Red Riding Hood, What’s Up With Your Grandmother”, sparked a great deal of controversy, after the Mexican singer appeared on stage in a wheelchair, One of the cast members pays it.

It is a video clip circulating on social networks in which the 90-year-old first actress is seen sitting in a chair, who is on a platform with wheels and being pushed.

In the photos, Silvia Pinal is seen hunched over and the Mexican cinema singer can hardly move, which sparked huge controversy and split in comments about the early actress’s return to the stage.

While some praised the veteran actress’ efforts, others criticized her family and stage producers for Benal’s embarrassing return to the stage.

“It’s a pity they did this to Donna Silvia Pinal,” says Lalo Spain.

Comedian Lalo España was one of the critics of Sylvia Pinal’s return to the stage.

“It’s a pity that they did this to Donna Silvia Pinal. Disgusting. What a pity!”, the representative of “Neighbours” wrote on his Twitter account.

One of the comments highlights “In this case, no one protects their dignity.”

Where are your daughters? who allows her mother to be exposed in this way when it turns out that she no longer has the healthy or mental clarity to be on stage, it is sad that the lady ends her career with these pictures,” one user commented.

“Simply pathetic, she doesn’t have children to protect her from her ending up like this, or they’re taking advantage of it,” another message highlights.

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Theatrical producer defends the actress’s return to the stage

But others applaud that the first actress is active at her age, as it is a respite from the years of the pandemic in which she was confined.

And the first to defend the participation of Silvia Pinal on the stage was the producer of the play Carlos Ignacio.

“This whole project has brought Sylvia back to life,” the producer and actor said, according to TV y Novelas.

“I think it helps him feel useful and doing what he has done all his life. Corrupt people who only criticize and do not suggest. Minds without action,” one user wrote on Twitter.