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Start July 2022 – Trailer and info about the new series

Start July 2022 – Trailer and info about the new series

“Resident Evil” has concluded on Netflix, and eight episodes are scheduled to appear in the first season. The exact start date has now been published as well.

This has been talked about for over two years, but recently things have been quiet about the new Netflix series Resident Evil video game series. Some time ago, the provider made the launch date public as well I released three posters for the series. Now finally follow trailer:

‘Resident Evil’: The series is officially set to launch on Netflix

The series was listed a long time ago by the provider And you can set a reminder, because it’s about to start. from 14 July 2022 The new horror series should see the light of day and go online on Netflix.

‘Resident Evil’: Remake as a Netflix Series

Konstantin will produce the film for the series, but Andrew Dabb has been hired to be show director and scriptwriter The Hollywood Reporter reported,. The “Supernatural” co-presenter is mainly distinguished by his great love for the Capcom video game of the same name for this series project:

vampire It is my all time favorite game. I am so excited to tell a new chapter for this great and first story vampireAn all-time series for Netflix subscribers around the world. For any type of file vampireA fan, including those who will be there for the first time, the series will be satisfying, with a lot of old friends and some things (bloodthirsty, crazy stuff) people haven’t seen before.”

This looks committed and promising. Just like the first details of the story.

Discount franchise Albert Wesker, father of twins? This is what the new Resident Evil series is all about

So far, Albert Wesker has not been explicitly mentioned, but details of the well-known story indicate that he is the father of the two girls who will be the focus of the plot in New Raccoon City. The series tells the story in two timelines. In 2022, the girls Billy and Jed Wesker were 14 years old and new to town. They realize that there is more going on than meets the eye and suspect that their father is hiding dark secrets that could destroy the world.

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The Other Timeline (2036) takes place over a decade later, Jade is 30 years old and the world has changed drastically. Less than 15 million people remain on Earth, including six million beasts, animals, and humans infected with T. Nobody knows what happened to Billy. Jade struggles to survive, but the shadows of the past, the secrets of her sister, her father, and herself haunt her.

So it’s likely that we will learn about Albert Wesker in 2022 as a scientist and family man in his 60s, whose shadowy past will play a role, as will the Umbrella Corporation.

The first two episodes are directed by Bronwyn Hughes, who has a lot of zombie experiences in The Walking Dead. Actors include Lance Riddick, Ella Palinska, Tamara Smart, Sienna Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, Paula Nunez, Ahad Raza Mir, Torlo Convery and Conor Gusati.

By the way, the complete movie series 1-6 is available on DVD and Blu-ray from Constantin Film for less than 20 and 30 euros, respectively. You can also find one in your Netflix subscription Resident Evil small group.

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