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Video: Osvaldo Rios “with her behaved very loyal and sincere” about his relationship with Shakira.

Video: Osvaldo Rios “with her behaved very loyal and sincere” about his relationship with Shakira.

Actor Osvaldo Ríos spoke about his relationship with Shakira when she was early in her career as a singer and was a devoted actor. Taken from social networks @shakira and osvaldoriosalonso

It’s only been on the air for a few days, and Telemundo’s “La casa de los Celebrities 2”, which former Miss Universe and former “Masterchef Celebrity” Alicia Machado won in its first edition, is already giving people something to talk about the celebrities involved who They began to take out the first clothes in the sun.

Actor Osvaldo Ríos, one of the current participants of the show, had a controversial relationship with Shakira in 1997 due to the 17-year age difference. At the time, there were many hypotheses woven around the estrangement between the artists, with some media claiming that the actor physically assaulted the singer and others noting that he approached women to promote his career.

During the broadcast of one of the chapters of the competition, the actor revealed: “I was already a 36-year-old man, had my career accomplished, and had just started “barefoot”. When you love someone, it’s better to let them go It is the best proof of love you can give. He had to fly, and the best thing that happened to him was not to go on with me.

The story continued in The House of Celebrities 2 when the actor confirmed that the relationship took a certain shape when the artist introduced him to his parents: “There it was solemn, from my father, my mother, look at the house, accompanied by Brother Tonino, That we are still friends (…) We had plans to get married and everything, we saw the house ”, Rios said.

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Rios, who is 61 years old today, has always been rated as one of the sexiest men on Mexican television, confirming that his qualities as a compelling heart are appreciated not only on viewers’ screens, but also for his love. left along its way.

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Rios then asserted that he was the first man in the life of the translator of ‘I congratulate you’ and ‘Hips do not lie’, even stating that he was present at the time the artist recorded the song ‘Where are you heart’, and also mentioned Antonio de la Rua, who was The next partner of the Colombian.

“I was the first (…) At that time I started, at that time I behaved with her sincerely and faithfully but I was neither loyal nor loyal (…) From 55 to here, I made a request to myself, being with one and the other distracting you, blurring you, no one takes what you danced, but either you calm down or life affects you too,” said the Puerto Rican actor.

Here is the full content of Shakira and Osvaldo Rios:

The Puerto Rican actor spoke the truth on his reality show

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