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All about the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2023 show

All about the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2023 show

Badass heroines in corsets, sneakers, and surfboards, compelling figures adorned with leather and fabrics, Amazons adorned with gold, silver, copper, and bronze respond to the slivers of sunset: Nicolas Ghesquière gave a show yesterday as a pedestrian with a vocabulary, strong, obsessed with clear line, as women follow very long strides without even counting themselves.

Praying to the Sun of Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Gsquiere

Passionate about architecture and design, Creator of Louis Vuitton women’s collectionsn continues to map the world to exceptional buildings, and the settings for their presentations, guided by its modern tropical landscape.

This time, for the Maison Cruise group, stop by the Salk Institute in San Diego. This monstrous treasure trove from the 1960s by Lewis Kahn offers an incredible, idyllic view of the Pacific Ocean.

The guest of honor on this show is the sun. – Nicolas Ghesquiere

One of the architectural gems in the United States, the Salk Institute houses a not-for-profit research laboratory where biomedical researchers work on issues of climate change and aging in particular—a not without interest from a designer passionate about the relationship with time, the passing and the perpetual. And the impact that can be left.

Clearly he will be out of time. And Ghesquière, in splendid form, presses all the symbols that made his signature, while the skies of San Diego shine and the sun, encircled by the stern concrete building, sensually slips into the ocean.

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The mystical magic of these few moments, the clothes themselves seem to do a sun salutation. “The guest of honor on this show is the sun,” confirms Nicolas Ghesquière, who has designed pieces to celebrate him, and others to protect from.

“I like the highly constructed stuff but here, I also wanted smooth, flowing silhouettes,” he continues. In addition to references to the ocean, prints inspired by jet skis for example.

In the front row are a group of celebrities, Miranda Kerr, Ava DuVernay, Marina Vois, Léa Seydoux, and Emma Roberts.

Singer Lous and Yakuza opened the show in a silver-toned Heratic dress. Also participating in the show were model Lauren Wasser (nicknamed “The Woman with Golden Legs” because she had to be amputated after suffering toxic trauma), as well as model and Olympic champion Dalilah Muhammad.