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Drake is back with his new album ‘Certified Lover Boy’

We’ve seen it from afar and thought we weren’t quite there, but luckily it’s already Friday and, as well as relief from all the daily stresses, it’s great news for music lovers. We say that because today is the day that many bands and artists choose as the perfect showcase for music and even records fresh from the oven. On the 3rd of September this year, Without a doubt one of the most awaited albums is Drake’s.

As you might remember, the Canadian rapper released his latest record material exactly three years ago, Scorpio. Since then and after completing the tour to promote the album in 2019 – with everything and the boos he received at Camp Flog Gnaw (Here We tell them what happened) -, He made it clear that he was already working on his next album, although the entire process and information was kept confidential.


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Drake returns this year with ‘Certified Lover Boy’

It was said that the new studio album drake It will arrive in 2020; In fact, he said it himself in some interviews. However, this obviously did not reach our ears, it only released a substance called Dark Lane display barsWho collects some of his singles, songs he has posted on platforms like Soundcloud and rare songs with his friends from OVO – his own record label, such as Oliver El-Khatib and Noel Cadastre.

But finally, a year later, against all odds, a lot of rumors started to surface that he was coming back with new music, and as much attention was focused on Kanye West and his anticipation. Donda, the product was also announced in the program Sports Center From ESPN and . Through a kind of ‘breakthrough’ that will be released in 2021 sixth standard material, which will be called Certified Lover Boy and that we can hear it sooner than we thought.

Drake is back with his new album 'Certified Lover Boy'

Photo: Getty Images

The cover and list of collaborators offered something to talk about

slowly, Drake was revealing the details of his new album. To start, Show album coverDesigned by the famous British artist Damien Hirst And that gave something to talk about because it was simply presented 12 emojis for pregnant women with different skin tones. Many thought this was a joke, but the truth is that this strange picture ended up being painting art.

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Although the list of collaborators in which the rapper gathers Certified Boy Lover. Among it all, the big names stand out like a couple of Kanye’s old friends, Jay Z And Judy Kid (which also appears in Donda), Beside Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Future, Yebba, Young Thug, Lil Baby, 21 Savage even Nicki Minaj He lends his voice to the choruses of a song. He has now amassed the heavyweight of hip-hop.

Have you tried the Beatles?  Drake is back with his new album 'Certified Lover Boy'

This is the cover of “Certified Lover Boy”, Drake’s new album / Photo: OVO Sound

Alien samples on the album

After listening to Drake’s new album, We were surprised to collect some samples that left our mouths open. Most notable is the one that appears on the track that opens the album, as it reimagines part of the classic by the Beatles, “Michelle”, although there are tracks of songs by artists like NSYNC, the huge 1991, “I’m so sexy” But more than WTF is that it seems certified R Kelly.Yes, the same person imprisoned for sexual harassment and assault.

According to NME, the rapper commented that the album is about “The combination of toxic masculinity and acceptance of the truth is inevitably heartbreaking.” The album is also dedicated to Nadia Ntoli And mercedes morand her friends, opponents and influencers who have died sadly in recent months. Without a doubt, with all that combo, it’s pretty clear to us that the Canadian producer is back and through the big door.

Remember that Certified Boy Lover, the sixth record article of drake It is now available on all digital platforms. But as they run to their trusted music streaming service and get started, here’s one of the most interesting and opening songs on the album, where the rapper reinterprets the Beatles, Champagne hair:

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