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Eight years later, Stromae is back with “Santé”

electronic music singer, Stromae Returning to music after eight years with no news with “the health”.

This track takes the sounds of cumbia and electronic influences from South America, and pays tribute to the working class.

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Although the song is in French, we can hear the Belgian singer singing “Oui, celébrons ceux qui n’célèbrent pas” which in Spanish would be “Let’s celebrate those who don’t”.

You can watch the video below.

This one is a comeback Stromae Who is famous for this topic? “Then we dance” In 2009. In addition, he renewed his contract with Universal Music France to distribute his music outside the United States, while in the United States he signed with UMG, Interscope and Darkroom (the same label he is on). Billie Eilish).

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Paul van Haver, the real name of the singer, was born in Belgium and throughout his career he released two studio albums titled cheese And square root which has gained recognition among its select audience and critics all over the world.


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