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VIDEO Beijing Express: Tariq and Ahmed struggle in blind test, netizens are hilarious

VIDEO Beijing Express: Tariq and Ahmed struggle in blind test, netizens are hilarious

Tariq and Ahmed gave a vote. The two cousins, this new season’s duo of Beijing Express, failed to show their talent for musical culture on Thursday, March 24th. A situation that did not fail to make fans of the M6 ​​show laugh on Twitter.

M6 broadcasts the seventh stage of the exciting season Beijing Express This Thursday, March 24th in the evening. While the sisters from Monaco last week saw a real emotional improvement, they are preparing with the remaining duo to cross the Kingdom of Jordan. Sarah and Charlotte had to move forward with a real handicap: to make a big glass of fresh orange juice for all the drivers and all the passengers who would accept them in their car.

However, the most notable fact during this new event was not the citrus bar that the two sisters had to carry with them, but the presentation of the seven pairs. The game is simple. With the help of a map, the fourteen adventurers went in search of different musicians In order to participate in a very original blind test. Arriving in front of the artists holding their guitars, the nominees couldn’t leave before finding at least two song titles.

Cousins ​​’pranksters’ are making the web die of laughter

Ahmed and Tariq are cousinsscammers“As host Stefan Rottenberg calls them, they did not feel comfortable during this ordeal. They had difficulty finding titles for music performed by Jordanians. Moreover, when the latter performs In front of the sea From Kalogero, all words and names pass through the mouths of adventurers. “Jean Reno, Gino, etc.. ‘ They tried in amazement.

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The duo, uninspired, took last place in the event. Enough to make netizens die of laughter. “In front of the sea From Jean Reno, it’s clear“,”Jane Renohe will kill me. “Je do the alphabet in O’‘Jin Reno, I’m picture of him singing In front of the sea‘Tariq stop, I can’t take it anymore’ ‘There you have to find the composer.. Jean Reno.’I do the alphabet in O“… I breathe moreIt can be read among the comments on Twitter. If they did not succeed in their mission, Ahmed and Tarek at least made the audience laugh.