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Elden Ring update makes life difficult for fast racers •

Elden Ring update makes life difficult for fast racers •

They have to find new ways to break records.

It’s been less than a month since the Elden Ring premiere, and the fast racers have completed the game in no time at all. However, the patch posted a few days ago made it difficult to break new records.

It all started with finishing production in less than two hours. The score improved with each rehearsal, and some are now able to reach the final credits in less than 30 minutes.

However, the latest correction has made determining the best scores more difficult. Internaut Distortion2, who walked the Elden Ring in 28 minutes 41 seconds, the current world record, writes directly: Update “You killed sprintsAbout the game.

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The reason for the strong reaction is the changes that have been implemented in the game. Among the most important of them is a significant weakness of the spell, which in the English version is called Hoarfrost Stomp – the ice spell was so strong that it facilitated battles with bosses. Icerind Hatchet Frost and Mimic Tear Summoning Spirits’ ax were also taken down.

Internet user Distortion2 is echoed by streamer Elajjaz, who is currently trying to bypass the Elden Ring in the shortest possible time, while defeating all the important bosses. player advertiserThat the creators spoiled him and now he has to find a new way to reduce his playing time. On the other hand, Syrobe believes that although changes were necessary, “Fast runners hurt“.

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The most optimistic is Regole – the broker of Speedsouls, a portal for fast runners in From Software games. In an interview with PC Gamer admitThe changes are annoying, but they shouldn’t significantly affect the new record-breaking. Players who pass Souls production on time rarely use the latest updates.

In other words, if Elden Ring v1.02 is the fastest way to pass the title, many fans won’t benefit from the latest update. In addition, the community is already discussing alternatives to weak weapons that can reduce the duration of the game.