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Emily Blunt breaks all clichés depicting a woman from 1917 in “Jungle Cruise”

Actress character Emily Blunt inside the tape ‘jungle trek’ Breaks all clichés of a 1917 woman.

Lily is called an adventure scientist who wears pants, something so rare at the time that Captain Frank Wolfe called her “pants”. (Dwayne Johnson).

The idea of ​​moving away from stereotypes was one of the things that prompted Blunt to accept the role of the film, which hits cinemas on July 30 because it is also a current topic.

“What I really liked about the script and which I basically respect is that even as a Disney movie and an entertainment movie they weren’t afraid to explore the issues and issues of the day that we continue to deal with,” he says. Globalism.

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“I love my character, that she refused to comply and was trying to let go of all those restraints and restrictions, she just wanted to wear practical pants and explore her aspirations and ambitions that were so limited in 1917,” he adds. .

Emily Blunt is Lily in the movie, which begins June 30. Photo: Disney

The film will be released simultaneously in cinemas and on the entertainment platform Disney + With Premier arrival inspired by the monolithic attraction of Disneyland theme park.

The plot follows a journey through Amazon Frank and Lily will live while the latter searches for an ancient tree with unique healing properties that could change the future of medicine.

Blunt maintains that his character uses the limitations of his gender to change and use them to his advantage, and this can be seen in various sequences from the film.

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Fighting the ‘jungle trek’ pandemic

Johnson shares that there is no guarantee that the film will be a theatrical success, especially in today’s context, but to him it seems to have all the elements to be a great movie.

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How successful are you today? COVID-19 We don’t know but we seem to have something special; Those who’ve seen it have enjoyed it, studios are already talking about a sequel so who knows, we’ll see. “

Jungle Journey. Photo: Disney

For the actors, one of the main themes of the film is the hope that they hope will be present in the people, especially after dealing with the pandemic. They also hope that families will come together to see it because it is intended for audiences of all ages.