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Married Jessica Schwartz – Der Spiegel

A picture is known to be worth a thousand words: Actress Jessica Schwartz posted a photo on Instagram showing her in a white dress. She kissed her partner Louis – in a black suit, white shirt and tie. The message is clear: the actress is married.

But then, Schwartz did not completely dispense with the explanatory words: “It is time to say yes to the greatest love of my life,” she captioned the photo. The 44-year-old also uses the letter to thank one or the other – from the designers of her wedding dress to the flower shop. Or is this just an advertisement?

The relationship between Schwartz and her current husband was officially known in March 2020. In the previous year, Austrian actress and photographer Markus Selikowski separated after about ten years of relationship.

At the age of 16, Schwartz was voted “Girl of the Year” by “Bravo” readers, then worked as a model, and later as a presenter on Viva. She worked for years mainly as an actress, most recently in the comedy “The Perfect Secret” and the series “Biohackers”, among others. She also runs a hotel complex with her husband in Portugal.

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