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Eurovision 2021: Did Barbara Pravi Pay For Her Participation In The Contest?

While Barbara Bravi will represent France this Saturday, May 22nd at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, broadcast on France 2, has the singer pushed like her predecessors?

Between charges and fees, it is difficult to answer this question precisely. However, with the advancement of Télé Loisirs or Télé 2 Weeks in 2018, candidates are normally paid for their travel during the promotion and once there. Especially since their pre-party stay is not limited to a day, as was confirmed in 2014, the Twin Twin kit at the MFM radio microphone. Asked about their character, the trio said, “It’s about 1,000 euros per person. You have to know that we stay ten days in Copenhagen,” transferred at that time to the Jean Marc Morandini site.

In fact, the artists’ interventions and televised clips are clearly legally framed. If one relies on a collective agreement of performers assigned to television programs, which is an agreement that covers certain diverse artists, they are paid by stamps and employers can designate models and performers. For one day, several days, per week or to be the subject of “total wages covering one or more specified periods”.

Switchable spotlight

In addition to the direct reward that is often forbidden, what about the media and economic implications for the candidates? Eurovision, which was followed in 2019 by more than 182 million viewers, highlights the participating artists. Jean-Carl Lucas, from Madame Monsieur, who represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, explained at the end of his performance at Le Parisien: “It’s a quick training over a period of three months (…) Whatever we have done in recent weeks, it will be useful For the future, and after that there was a meeting with the audience, so we will continue to adventure with people who want to follow us. ” They were, however, followed by many artists. The duo released their second album “Tandem” in June 2020, in the presence of a group of guests: Oxmo Puccino, Black M, Claudio Capéo, Youssoupha, Soprano, Boulevard des airs and Bilal Hassani.

Media exposure that does not necessarily guarantee huge sales. In 2019, Bilal Hassani, the representative of France that year, sold only 20,000 copies of the movie “The Kingdom,” he said. 2019 snep album sales ranking, National Federation of Phonics, ranked 184 out of 200. The first album, released in April, a few weeks before its participation in Eurovision, was re-released a few months later. For his part, Amir, on the show The Voice, and the French Eurovision candidate in 2016 with the title “I Searched for”, revealed a very good performance. In 2019, his third album “Addiction” sold more than 300,000 copies.

If Barbara Pravi had already rolled the bump into the music world and had to credit her with several nicknames of herself or composer for others (Yannick Noah, Terrenoire), the singer, one of the favorites according to the bets, is releasing a future album soon, scheduled for late August And early September, according to Agence France-Presse. It remains to be seen if the latter’s sales will benefit from its passage to Eurovision.

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