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Let’s dance: These famous dancers made it to the finals

let’s go dancing
These famous dancers reached the finals

Who won “10” in the semi-finals?

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

On Friday evening, the grand semi-final matches of “Let’s Dance” were held. The finalists were selected after three difficult dances.

Two dances and an additional “Embro Dance”: The semi-finalists were “Let’s Dance” on Friday evening (May 21 on RTL, too) Via TVNowParticularly challenging. Who can get the final ticket at the end?

“Prince Charming” Nicholas Buschman (30) and Vadim Garbozov (33) began with a quick dive. There were 25 points for this, and Joachim Lambé (56) was the most important with 7 points. Boxers Simon Zachinhuber (22) and Patricia Belosova (25) were elated by the tango. Mutsi Mabuz (40) and Jorge Gonzalez (53) described it as the couple’s best dance yet. At the end of the day, they got 25 points.

Actress Valentina Bahdi (26 years old) and Valentin Lucien (33 years old) performed Cha-Cha as their first dance. The only famous woman in the semi-finals also scored 25 points with her dance partner. Professional footballers Rurik Gislason (33) and Renata Lucien (33) shined with the Charleston Final and “Excellent Entertainment”. The two got a whopping 30 points for that.

Decisive words in the second round

Then came the second dance, a quick step, by Simon Zachenhuber and Patricia Belosova. On the second attempt, the two had only 22 points. On the other hand, fighter Paso Doubel from Valentina Bahdi and Valentin Lucien scored 29 points. Nikola Bushman and Vadim Garbozov showed the same dance, but they did not record either. Joachim Lambie explained, “It wasn’t enough drama for me. Nothing got to me at all.” However, her colleague Mutsi Mabuz was able to appreciate the special choreography. There were 24 points at the end, only 6 Lambi points.

Rúrik Gíslason and Renata Lusin provided contemporary dance as the second dance, which, according to Mabuse, would be included in the history of “Let’s Dance”. “Just goose bumps, expressive, wonderful.” For Llambi, the dance got more than 10 points. So 30 surprising points are no longer a jury verdict.

“Impro Dance” became a huge challenge

In “Impro Dance Even More Extreme,” couples had to dance afterward without knowing the corresponding song. Within a minute and a half of a trendy ‘quick change’, only the professional heard the music and then managed to speak to the celebrities for 30 seconds before the performance followed. One of the salsas was waiting for Zachenhuber and Belousova, which the jury couldn’t convince in terms of dancing (21 points). To their dismay, Bahdi and Luzine pulled a slow waltz, which they have yet to show on the show. But the concerns were unfounded: The jury was enthusiastic about the emotional performance (26 points).

The dancing couple celebrate a special show

Gislason and Luzin danced on the rumba, which, according to Lambe, had technical flaws (22 points). For Bushman and Garbozov, he waited for the slow fox at the end, which took the title of best “embro dance” of the evening with 27 points. According to the general verdict of the jury, it was Gíslason, Pahde, Puschmann, and Zachenhuber. The crowd vote led to the decision: Simon Zachinhuber and Patricia Belosova were eliminated shortly before the final. The Lusin couple reached the final match together for the first time and are competing for the title of RTL dance show.


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