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What we liked and what we would have liked to see in TF1’s “Document Event”

Twenty years later, we still don’t know if Michel stole the Merchant’s orange – France Press agency

  • TF1 presents on Saturday evening Star Academy: The Event Document To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the telecom line.
  • Duets with world stars, unforgettable shows, cult moments, the show presents the best of the most eye-catching sequences in Star AC.
  • 20 minutes Evaluate what we liked and what we would have liked to see in this document.

See Star Academy: The Event Document Saturday Night on TF1 is perhaps the closest thing to a trip to Memory Lane. For an hour and a half, the channel offers its fans a dive into memories of a time when a French show might lure Beyoncé, Madonna and Elton John onto the set. Twenty years later, the candidates interact with the photos that she revealed in the country, sometimes in front of more than ten million people.

Maxi list better than

This “event documentary” as presented by TF1 should be enjoyed as a springboard to the show’s best moments. For example, there is an outstanding performance by the candidates, whether because of their movement or because of their explosion. Part of the show also gives us the pleasure of hearing the anthems of different promotions, which we still know by heart even if we haven’t heard them for two decades. And above all, the documentary does not ignore its power of eight seasons: world stars. So keep the remote control handy to turn up the volume when Beyoncé, Madonna, Celine Dion, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias or Tina Turner arrives on your screen.

The Prince’s Return

“I am not waiting for someone to give me my freedom, I take it.” If there was one sentence it would have marked the years Star ACIt was Pierre who decided, during the third season, to leave the competition directly, facing the frustrated Nikos Aliagas. The sequence, which the singer claims he hadn’t seen before it was shown in the documentary, still has little effect today. Eighteen years later, the party of the former candidate, More Like a Prince, sheds light on this symbolic moment in the life of reality TV in France.

Forgotten excerpts

Celine Dion goes crazy when she announces the Season 7 semi-finals, it definitely doesn’t mean anything to you. This is one of the sequences that we have completely forgotten and which we are happy to re-discover. We also hallucinate when we review pictures of Jean Pascal who, while wanting to leave the game, went green (or rather in the rain) in London, in the middle of the competition. At the end of the week, cards were placed in the hands of the public who had to decide if the candidate was worth returning to Star AC. Another era.

Where are Jennifer and Nolwyn?

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of a show without the two women who have contributed the most to this phenomenon, it’s a shame. absent from Document …, We wanted to hear Jennifer and Nolwyn-LeRoy reveal their latest secrets about the period that changed their lives. Small consolation prize, first winner nonetheless shown through an old interview. On the faculty side, there was no trace of Raphael Richie, a scenic expression teacher who was afraid to debunk the weekly information the audience was enjoying.

Where are the last seasons?

We can imagine by clicking Play that the general idea of ​​this documentary is to celebrate the nominees’ glory moments, but we would also like to see how the contest winners managed the results. –star Academy And fewer and fewer phone calls over the years. In the same style, we also liked the focus to be more focused on the final seasons of the show, which is almost completely overlooked in the documentary, such as the show’s end. How did the teams experience the end of the program? How do they explain the shortness of breath on the show? Do not expect answers to these questions.

Where do you live?

In general, whoever says birthday says cake, candles, and party favors. However, none of this appears in the documentary. We would very much like this evening to be more festive and modern than a simple series of archival photos and testimonials, but the health reality complicates the organization of such a barn. Guest show A flash of Guény This week, Lucy Bernardone, who reached the final against Gregory Limarchal, indicated that another program, more musical this time, was in the pipeline. A double birthday isn’t bad either.

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