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José Eduardo Derbez revealed his relationship with Mauricio Uchmann, one year after his split from Aysline.

Jose Eduardo Derbez confirmed that Mauricio Ochmann did not end badly with the Derbez family. (Photo: @ jose_eduardo92 / @ aislinnderbez / Instagram)

A year after the separation of Mauricio Ochmann and Aysline Derbez, Jose Eduardo Derbez revealed that the relationship between the protagonist Chima And it didn’t end badly, but they don’t frequent each other that much.

“I think I congratulated him on his birthday. But good, Really the relationship with him is fine, and we are not over momTo the question that Eileen Mujica asked whether Ochmann had left the Derbys.

On May 20, the second season of the reality show “Journey with the Derby” was launched, which, unlike the last installment, Neither Uchmann nor Kilani, the daughter who turned out to be the ex-spouses, was featured in the show.

Jose Eduardo Derbez revealed whether Mauricio Ochmann left the Derbeis family

That decision, according to Ockman himself, Taken by the ex-spouses together, the flight dynamics were probably too tiring for the little girl.

Last season, it was noticed Several conflicts arose between the former spouses.

“A lot of people said, ‘Oh, not acted,’ no action taken. A lot of people said, ‘Aiss and Mau’s lawsuit has been filed.’ I really think for them it was a journey that marked what is happening now.Jose Eduardo himself revealed to Tell me what you know In 2020.

“I think things happen for a reason. It’s a relationship that went on. It was so beautiful, they’re both incredible people.”, In support of his older sister, son of Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio Derbez.

Last season, Mauricio Uchmann and Kailani were present.  (Photo: @ deviajeconlosderbez / Instagram)
Last season, Mauricio Uchmann and Kailani were present. (Photo: @ deviajeconlosderbez / Instagram)

Additionally, it was discovered at that time that the person who decided to break with the commitment was Mauricio. “You didn’t want to end the relationship, you were not the one who made the decision.”Announced the Telemundo program.

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At the time, Jose Eduardo stressed that he had always supported his sister in such a difficult moment, but that The family generally established a friendly friendship with Uchmann.

“Relationships sometimes are cyclical, they change and transform. The truth is that I talk to Ais every day, we have a very nice relationship, we knew how to be a team and a team very well.At that time, an actor was involved There I ask you With America woke up.

Aiselin and Mauricio were both known to keep keeping in touch and even have seen each other multiple times for the well-being of Kilani, but A few months ago he began to reveal some details about the painful duel that they were both beginning to live through.

An example of this is the final premiere of the last chapter of Traveling with Derbez 2, Where the hero of the story Flower house He opened his heart to his stepmother Alessandra Rosaldo.

Remember an episode in which the family was in Morocco and The former spouses fought a hard fightsinger The opposite of the senses He remembered what he thought at the time.

“I came to think” Ais and Mau won’t go again, “however I never imagined that you and Mao wouldn’t be together anymoreRosaldo confessed to his daughter-in-law.

Alessandra Rosaldo consoled Ayslyn Derbez, who burst into tears after talking about her split.  (Photo: @ aislinnderbez / Instagram)
Alessandra Rosaldo consoled Ayslyn Derbez, who burst into tears after talking about her split. (Photo: @ aislinnderbez / Instagram)

“Don’t smudge, I’m less. It’s the last thing I ever imagined would happen in my life. It was very painfulAiselin replied.

Kilani’s little mother’s comment reminded her of Brucaldo How did the family take the news of the divorce.

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I saw you torn apart and we were very worried about you, But I also saw that you did not hold on so as not to lose him, you did not hold on to him, and you did not beg him, that is, you respected that he did not want to be there anymore and that you lived hung up the wife of Eugenio Derbez.

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