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Fable Xbox

Fable, Everwild, and Perfect Dark for Xbox are still out of reach

Microsoft has already announced a handful of games for Xbox that will be exclusive and many are looking forward to. Right in front: a fairy tale. But Everwild and Perfect Dark have also managed to inspire some Xbox fans so far.

These new games may be blockbuster on Xbox, but they are Allegedly There’s still a long way to go. A source even joked that it might come up with a new Xbox, and this is Microsoft’s early development time.


Maybe that means we won’t see Fable 4 or the other games next year and maybe not in 2023 yet. Would that be a bit of a shame, because I understand if I show games early to increase sales, but too early? Let’s see if Microsoft provides more details on Fable 4 and Co. In the coming months.

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