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Nintendo isn't ruling out Nintendo Switch availability issues

Nintendo isn’t ruling out Nintendo Switch availability issues

So far, the Nintendo Switch was immediately available. It is now, but it is possible that the situation will change in the near future.

Nintendo Switch is another victim of a semiconductor shortage?

According to some sources, the PlayStation 5 might be missing even for another year. Depending on the market, the situation with Xbox Series X and of course with graphics cards for computers is not very colorful. Some players may have lost their patience and started looking toward Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. Should you rush to buy?

Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo himself, revealed the secret in a recent interview about what the situation looks like with the production of the company’s main equipment. As he mentioned, it would have been possible to take care of an adequate supply of semiconductors (which is currently the biggest problem for most manufacturers), but at the same time he indicated very great interest in Nintendo Switch consoles, and as a result, he did. It is not excluded that problems arise with their availability. At least in some markets.

“We were able to secure the materials for the immediate production of the transformer semiconductor. However, in Japan and many other countries, demand has been very high since the beginning of the year and there is a possibility of shortages of some stores. It is difficult to determine how we will deal with it, but in some cases we may not be able to adequately prepare for the flow of requests.

The situation may change due to Nintendo Switch Pro

It is also worth noting that the plans include the Nintendo Switch Pro (according to some sources Nintendo SS), and thus a new and more powerful version of the console, the production of which will also need appropriate components. Especially since there is speculation about the premiere this year.

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The Nintendo Switch Pro aims to bring gamers, among other things, a 7-inch OLED screen from Samsung. Higher performance will also be important, which should be provided by not only a better processor, but also much larger RAM resources. Unofficial information indicates around 8 GB, adding 128 GB of internal memory. This would be a major improvement over the currently available models.

Source: videogameschronicle

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