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Fans are skeptical: Did Gulkan Camps throw the weight of the news on the twins?

Will Gulkan Campus, 39, have twins? The heavily pregnant presenter posted an Instagram post that made her fans sit up and take notice.

cologne – She has a heavy load Gulkan Campus (39) Betrayal in a publication? The 39-year-old regularly takes her followers with her pregnancy journey. At a recent post, she would have gossiped. Will she have twins?

In her new Instagram post, Gulkan introduced the current size of her mini ball. © Montage: screenshot / Instagram / guelcankamps

Together with her husband Sebastian Camps (39), the former presenter of “VIVA” is seven from Baby Heaven.

She happily shares the developments of “Baby Camps” with her followers, presenting her balanced diet or carrying purchased baby clothes in front of the camera.

All this is cause for joy after Gulkan has been trying to get pregnant for years. She may be secretly happy with the baby’s double news.

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On Friday, she wanted to announce once again how excited she was with her first pregnancy and she shared a video of herself showing herself beaming with joy and hitting her baby round ball.

She writes, “I can’t believe how fast my pregnancy has nearly gone! Now just have fun and look forward to what’s coming and our babies.”

Children? Fans reacted with bewilderment, speculating in the comments and questioning.

Gulkan Campus (39) is a proud pregnant woman.  I waited a long time for this moment.

Gulkan Campus (39) is a proud pregnant woman. I waited a long time for this moment. © Montage: screenshot / Instagram / guelcankamps

“Children? Will there be several?” A shocked follower asks. A second lady also reacts in astonishment: “You just lit me up now… twins? I’d be very happy…”

Apparently, fans look closely at Gulkan’s waist size and come to the conclusion: “It can match the waist size.”

Still others do not believe in the miracle of a twin and are sure that the expectant mother simply made a mistake.

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What exactly is behind this post and whether there will really be twins, fans will find out at birth at the latest.

Gulkan has not yet commented on the rumors.

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