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Edwin Luna directs choreographer with Trakalosa (video)

Edwin Mun The choreographer takes with tracalose To get a video tik tokShare it on his social media accounts.

In the video it appears Edwin Mun He is dancing to “La cumbia Tribalera” by El pelón del mikrophone along with some Trakalosa members.

Recently the leader of the band Tracaloosa, Edwin Mun Show a special like for the TikTok video platform.

and that is Edwin Luna who has over 6.5 million followers on his TikTok account Constantly sharing new material

In these videos, in addition to appearing with his children and wife Kimberly Flores, Edwin Luna also recorded them with the Tracaloosa members.

Although it is usually Videos He recorded it with one or two of his buddies, this time Edwin Luna recorded it with 7 musicians.

In the video they recorded on the way to Tamaulipas, the Trakalosa members coordinated a choreography posted by Edwin Luna.

It should be noted that this choreography is not complicated and that at first everyone dances to their own beat and only then raises their hands to introduce the name of the band.

The video on Edwin Luna’s TikTok account, edwinlunat on the platform, has garnered more than 50,000 views and 7,000 likes.

In addition to staying active on Instagram, Edwin Mun He has paid close attention to his TikTok account, sharing up to three videos per day.

And this is with his wife Kimberly FloresEdwin Luna mentioned that making videos is a very fun activity.

Likewise, his followers have expressed their taste for Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna’s jokes and games, although these sometimes end in rumors.

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