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Fatal crowd movement during Travis Scott concert: What are the legal consequences?

The investigation may take a long time before determining the exact circumstances that led to the deaths of eight people on Friday, November 5, during the Travis Scott concert. Several complaints have already been submitted. They are targeting the rapper, who is also the founder of the Astroworld festival where the concert was held, and Live Nation, which is responsible for the organization. Aubrey Graham, better known by his artist name Drake, has also been targeted in a complaint.

One of the complainants, Christian Paredes, was seriously injured during the incident. 23 years old, asserted in the complaint that “Many people begged Live Nation security guards for help, but were ignoredVideos posted on social media show two festival-goers asking the photographer to act as people leave, some chanting “stop the show” at some point during the ceremony in an attempt to gain attention, to no avail.

accidents were ‘Predictable and preventable’ Which Result of “Looking for profit at the expense of spectators”, confirms one of the complainants, citing painting. Many shortcomings have been highlighted since the concert. People were filmed being forced into the festival, possibly without tickets. The organization was also criticized for allowing the party to continue despite the increasing number of infections.

Previous accidents

This isn’t the first time Travis Scott has been legally questioned about facts that happened during his concerts. In 2018, he pleaded guilty to “inciting a riot” after, during a concert in Arkansas, he called on the crowd to rush to the podium, injuring security personnel.

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Eight people died, including several teenagers, and hundreds were injured during the Astroworld Festival. Travis Scott has since confirmed that he was giving “all his support” to Houston police who will now investigate the circumstances.

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