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“Where’s Anne Frank!”: The Poetic Adaptation of Ari Follman

If it is scheduled for release in theaters on November 24, the animated film “Where’s Anne Frank!” It was already presented out of competition, Friday evening, at the 74th Cannes Film Festival.

Since “Waltz with Bachir” (the biggest Israeli hit in France with 500,000 entries, César 2009 for Best Foreign Film and a Golden Globe), Ari Vollman has become a filmmaker and fan following, and through his innovative concept of “documentary animated film” they have achieved unprecedented quality Associated with high graphics quality

This year, he is back with a variety of Anne Frank memoirs, in light of contemporary tragedies such as those of immigrants without political or humanitarian asylum… A long-term maturity, this project is inspired by the director’s memories. She Parents Survived Nazi Atrocities Elicits the story of a young Dutch Jew (whose memoir has been translated into 70 languages), and imagines her best friend and diary-receiver, Kitty, as he escapes from the pages of a book, watching the world of 2020 crumble. A look from the forties.

A contemporary edition of a bestseller

In the ongoing waltz between past and present, Anne Frank and her family, contemporary European youth and the ghosts of Nazism, the director has often dared to dazzle the narrative arabesque. It ends up moving us and above all making us think about the fate of immigrants, the innocent children of today who, even if not fortunately doomed to the tragedy of genocide, remain pariahs without rights or hopes in the world. These are innocent victims of corrupt regimes, dictatorships and the heels of Western selfishness.

It is a bias that has the advantage of sincerity. And who will discuss. The graphics and artistic direction are great, and even if one doesn’t quite get to the emotional power of Waltz with Bashir, “Where’s Anne Frank!” He has every chance to become a reference.

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