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Paul McCartney attends a party and is surprised to sing the Beatles song

Paul McCartney attends a party and is surprised to sing the Beatles song

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Since the Beatles broke up, the members have continued to music with solo projects,There is no doubt that Paul McCartney is the most successful, in addition to winning people’s affection, So it’s no surprise that people react to Sir Paul’s actions like singing at a party.

A video circulated on social networks showing Paul McCartney in front of the stage, This time at a party, which many asserted was the graduation of one of their granddaughters, however, this event happened a long time ago, apparently, at a business meeting of his wife, Nancy Shevel.

In the video, Nancy and her husband were seen in the first seconds, moments later, The band hosting the event begins playing “I saw you standing there” tunes, A song from the Beatles has become a classic.

To make the moment more emotional, Paul McCartney decided to take off his jacket and throw it on the floor, as well as roll up his shirt sleeves In order to better control the microphone. When listening to song notes, The people at the party get excited and start singing.

Guests at the event don’t hesitate to take out their cell phones and start recording Sir PaulSince the ex-Beatles are at a party and a few meters away it’s not something that happens every day.

in social networks, Especially on Twitter, the singer’s name became popular and many interacted with the video Which many claim happened when Paul McCartney’s granddaughter graduated, so Some have stated that they would like the former Beatles to be their grandfather.

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