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RTL is already distancing itself – Faisal Al-Kousi wins the raffle program – TV

According to RTL, the evening promised to be colorful, funny, entertaining and relevant: During Diversity Week with a focus on LGBTIQ+, the broadcaster premiered the new show “Viva La Diva” on Monday night.

A total of seven outstanding men turned into pompous drag queens. Television chef Tim Malzer (51) moderated the show, two teams puzzled over which star could be beneath the dazzling costumes. The first team consisted of most famous drag queen and presenter Olivia Jones (52) and presenter Jana Ina Zarella (45), in Team 2 comedian Tahnee (30) and “Let’s Dance” juror Jorge Gonzalez (54) breaking their heads. After several shows, a jury of six famous German queens decided which masked star was eliminated and had to unmask.

These celebrities are baffled by which star to wear: presenter Jana Ina Zarella (45), “Let’s Dance” judge Jorge Gonzalez (54), comedian Tahani (30) and presenter Olivia Jones (52).Photo: RTL/Marcus Hertrich

These stars try their hand at being drag queens

And these shows really gave the audience a lot of fun! Mini De La Cruz danced in a lip-sync fight to the song “Golden Eye” by Tina Turner (82) and spread her legs in awe that the audience rejoiced. Olivia Jones felt like winning an Oscar in a sexy dress: “I have a flash of inspiration. Bail! I think that’s an actor, Christoph Waltz. Think global!” Not quite — pop singer Mickey Krause, 51, was wearing the outfit, Tim Malzer joked : “The first drag queen in the world wears a wig under a wig.”

Other revelations caused real storms of excitement among viewers: “Stern TV” host Steven Halashka, 50, taped his false breasts with red asterisks as a sign and soothing to the ground as “Supa Nova.” Football star David O’Doncore (38) appeared on stage as ‘Lil Siesta’ in bright yellow leather boots.

Titania Diamond faced the greatest challenge to master it. Tim Malzer explained: “The diamond jumped spontaneously yesterday and worked on it in a very short time.” Olivia Jones noted: “Anyway, she looked like a polar bear gone wild.” The singer, 46, Tenni and Jorge thought stellar dog trainer Martin Rotter, 51, was wearing the silver outfit. The surprise was even bigger: Schlager icon Bernhard Brink (70) appeared, for whom this appearance was a major concern: “I’m participating because I want to be a role model for tolerance.” As Candy Rock danced on stage, and after being exposed, he looked forward to being able to finally take off his costume: “Today they tied me so tight, I can’t even bend my knees.”

RTL distances itself from winner Faisal Al-Kawousi

The occasional evening sparked excitement on social media, some wanted the format to continue – until the award ceremony. Comedian Mario Barth (49) walked up to the Olympia Theater to present the trophy to Madame Lestrange. She garnered a standing ovation with her performance of “This is me” from the movie “The Greatest Showman”. Even Olivia Jones claimed, “It was one of the best drag shows I’ve ever seen. I noticed the energy, charisma, and joy of it.” Both teams correctly recognized who was wearing the red and green dress: comedian Faisal al-Qousi (30).

However, onlookers couldn’t believe their eyes – after all, Kawusi only recently caught attention by dropping a tasteless KO on Instagram. This was a reason why Sabbath 1 did not continue to cooperate.

RTL distanced itself from the comedian shortly after the show ended on Twitter.

However, the fact that he earned such a platform on RTL’s “Diversity Week” should leave some viewers with a bitter taste.

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