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Francis Capriel: These are the famous rappers with whom he agreed to register the title (ZAPTV)

For several years, Francis Capriel, who lives in Astafort, in the south of France, has been conservative and rarely releases new albums. However, he agreed to record a title with famous rappers…

He is conservative. Based in Astafort, in the south of France, Francis Capriel rarely releases albums (only five in the past twenty years). The albums he records in his studio amid the vineyards in the quiet of his home. And the In this same studio he invited famous rappers to come and record a title: BigFlo and Oli. Guests in the group It’s up to youthe brothers from Toulouse who are releasing a new album, Others are usThursday, June 24, they explained how they ended up in Astafort to score a win with Francis Capriel. “We have a piece with Francis Capriel, I’m just saying it, I can’t believe it”BigFlo said in the preamble.

“When we ask him, we have no hope of him saying yes.”

Bigflow and Ole already knew Francis Capriel, Who sang with him on stage in Astafort, during one of their concerts in 2019. It was a gift he gave usHe didn’t have to. We were at a concert in Astafort, at his place, and he told us: “Come, unexpectedly, let’s make the song together.”, BigFlo mentioned. A rapper’s dream. “We were fed in Cabrel with our mother, Cabrel was in the van”Oli said, while the eldest explained: “And we didn’t suffer from it. […] We loved hearing that.” So Toulouse had the number of Astaforte. and contacted him: One day we told him: “Would you like to sing a song with us?” And in fact, he told us: “Yes, come to Astafort.”

When we ask him, we have no hope that he will say yesAnd he answers us: “Spend the Sabbath.” BigFlo has been added. Ole said Francis Gabriel gave them “Great lesson” : “We talked a lot about music, and it was upsetting to see how open and curious he was about our generation, about rap, and about the lyrics. It is a day we will remember. ” Like many days preparing for their new album: BigFlo and Oli recorded feats with Vald, Julien Doré, Tayc and MC Solaar. A high degree.

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