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Our review of the film Tastes and Colors: Whisper Voices

Rebecca Marder plays Marcia, a rising singer who is composing an album with her idol Darjan. pyramid distribution

criticism – Michel Leclerc puts a stylish young singer and karaoke fan face to face. Spelling is not always good

Comedian Michel Leclerc has two hobbies: politics and music. The first has been at the heart of cinema since its beginnings, for the better (people nameswith Sarah Forrester as the woman on the left who sleeps with the men on the right to make them switch sides (and for worse)class strugglewith Edward Baer in Boho facing the school map).

The second is his great passion. He composed a hundred songs, was part of several groups in his youth and started touring by creating music videos. with Tastes and colorsLeclerc puts his music in his cinema.

Some very good scenes

We fear the worst in the first minutes. Marcia (Rebecca Marder), a young singer with a bright future, is composing an album with her idol, Darjan. Judith Shimla makes boxes of it in the old glory of the ’70s, secluded in her apartment on Ile St Louis.

A combination of Janis Joplin and Katherine Ringer (or Patti Smith and Brigitte Fontaine), makeup didn’t help her much…

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