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Françoise Hardy: News about her health

Françoise Hardy celebrates her 70th birthday on Monday, January 17th. On this occasion, the photographer Jean-Marie Perrier gave news about the state of health of his friend. “She fights and holds on to the best she can,” he said.

to many years alreadyThe singer is fighting disease. Indeed, he was diagnosed with lymphatic system cancer in 2019.

Then she was treated with radiotherapy with many side effects. “I no longer have saliva, no nasal passages, and no ears.” became left Deaf people are not irrigated normally. Among other things, respiratory distress, coughing fits, obstruction and nosebleeds occur non stop Without warning L ‘UPS last May.

Consider euthanasia

The actress said she was exhausted from her illness current wife She wanted to use the right to die with dignity. “I would like to have this opportunity, but due to my little bad hearing, no one would want to risk more getting written off by the doctors.Despite this situation, Françoise Hardy continues to fight.

In a joint photo on Instagram, where Francoise Hardy appears next to singer Alain Chamfort, his friend Jean-Marie Perrier comment: As for the great: For those who worry about Françoise’s fate, let’s say she’s fighting, she’s holding on as tight as possible, and she keeps writing every day because that’s what she likes and she does it better.»

Before concluding: “She has always had my affection, and now in addition to that, she has my admiration.»