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The Colombian novel is now the most watched on Netflix

Trailer for “Coffee Smell a Woman” that premiered recently on Netflix.

During 2021, a new version of . was released scented coffee for women, A Colombian soap opera that originally aired in the 1990s and starred Margaret Rose from Francis s Jay Ecker. Now, this new version of starring Laura Londono and William Levy.

The production can be seen in Colombia and other Latin American countries thanks to broadcasts on RCN and Telemundo Internacional channels. And now it can be seen again thanks to its launch in Netflix. Without a doubt, it was hugely acclaimed, and in a short time became the most watched television production for non-English speakers on the platform. Add more than 80 million hours of watching.

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William Levy, Carmen Villalobos and Laura Londono starring in “Café con aroma de mujer.” (photo courtesy)

The story begins when Seagull (Laura) and Sebastian (William) They meet on the coffee plantation owned by the Sebastian family. And while he owns The Millionaire Company, Gaviota is just a coffee picker. However, this is not a hindrance for both of them to fall in love and start a relationship.

And although Sebastian intends to have a serious relationship with Gaviota, the truth is that he must face the biggest obstacle: his family, who do not see well that he is dating someone who is not of the same social class.

But the Vallejo family will not be the only obstacle to this love. And that is that Gaviota will have to face his ex Sebastian, Lucia (Carmen Villalobos)Who refuses to lose the love of his life. This is added to the fact that it is the lifeblood of his bankrupt family.

Laura Londono (The Seagull) in "Perfumed coffee for women".  (photo courtesy)
Laura Londono (Gaviota) in “Coffee with the Scent of a Woman”. (photo courtesy)

Sebastian and Gaviota try to preserve their relationship, but finally, it is broken by Vallejos, Lucía and distance. Which is that Sebastian travels to New York, and Gaviota stops to find out where he is.

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A few days ago via his social networks, Diego Cadaved, Who gives life to the evil brother of the protagonist in production, was very happy for the first hero Cafe on the broadcast platform.

“I take advantage of TBT (Thursday Returns) to congratulate my classmates Perfumed coffee for women for the show on Netflix. No. 1 in 19 countries. Well done friends! “

William Levy also joined the congratulations and emphasized the following, also on the networks: “I can only tell you: Millions of thanks for all the love, Thanks for making Perfumed coffee for women The most watched Netflix show in Latin America and Spain. Thank you from the entire team, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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