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From viral memes to Carol G likes: “Save Me,” the Anahi classic that gave RBD worldwide fame

The singers performed “Sálvame”, an RBD song

RBD It is considered The most successful and most important Spanish-language pop group in the history of Latin musicBecause millions of albums and their fans, as well as the passage of time and sound validity, support its title given by large and recognized media such as Billboard, Rolling Stone Or even the National Academy of Arts and Sciences Recording, also known as the Grammys.

But the key to her success is not only because of the TV phenomenon that was the rebel (2004), a telenovela which he considers Televisa Univision As one of the ten most important in its history, but also for music that managed to connect with an entire generation that was looking for a diverse representation of styles in public life in Mexico.

Although they have many successes such as Our love just be silent a be opinion, National and international fame is based on a song that, although agreed as a group, really belongs to its main translator, I am her: Save me.

“Sálvame” is RBD’s hit single (Photos: Instagram/@anahi/@rbd_oficial)

When it was still called star channelAdal Ramones was driving his car another roll Barbara Morey seduced Mexico to become Most famous on TV With his role in Ruby, a cultural phenomenon was born. The October 4, 2004 Televisa the first show the rebelYoung Telenovela based on the work of Argentine Chris Morena called rebellious way. Since then the rest is history.

I am her , sweet MariaAnd the Mighty PeroniAnd the Alfonso HerreraAnd the Christian Chavez y Christopher Ackerman Through television they revolutionized an entire generation of kids and grandparents with their distinct but diverse personalities, however this would be the band’s musical launch. RBD Who dedicated the project as the most successful Televisa In its history, because none of the bets Timbiriche y OV7 They had the same effect. In this way, on November 30 of the same year, the album was released. the rebeltheir first studio album which featured their first self-titled single, Just keep quiet And the third, which many call “the hymn of love.”

Fans made Anahi popular (Twitter Capture)
Fans made Anahi popular (Twitter Capture)

The song was written and produced by Peter DamianMax de Carlo Carlos Lara Galvan and Pedro Muñoz Romero March 15, 2005, although it has charted since its publication to be the most popular song on the album. This story achieved such great fame that it not only put itself on the popularity charts at number one for about a year, but also repeated the feat in almost all Spanish-speaking countries such as Colombia and Spain, Argentina and others.

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Time has passed and although the song has not been available for a long time on digital platforms or even physical stores due to the legal issues of the company, its creator and the company, it is back more than 17 years after its release and with it a different wave of doing something popular on the Internet: Memes. Thousands of users have shared fun creations where Signs of heartbreak It was more than obvious, but it was also a chance to go ‘to Nevado de Toluca in a pink hat and sings Save meIt was common to see it in Facebook.

This was the show (Image: screenshot)
This was the show (Image: screenshot)

Although Anahi has been away from the stage for a long time, a new generation of artists have influenced music, especially with the reggae genre, but she still remembers the pop anthem because she grew up with it. For this reason, recently Carol J called translator My Colucci to their concert at the Mexico City Arena, where they not only sang it, but even praised to the Mexican considered by professional critics to be the leader of the musical phenomenon or “Latin pop princess of the 2000s“.

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