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After being disconnected by Animus – EGJ’s signature comments on Bushido months later

After being disconnected by Animus – EGJ’s signature comments on Bushido months later

Marco Fisch / CC 2.0)

For a few days, it was finally clear that Animus and EGJ were going their separate ways. Bushido explained on Twitter that Animus had cut off contact with him. Accordingly, he contacted Animus via a message, but did not receive a response. Specifically, Bushido is said to have said hostility to him Didn’t reply to recent messages she has. When asked how he was doing, nothing came back.

Yesterday’s apology to Rose was surprising as well. And the 34-year-old explained what may be Bushido’s worst enemy that he’s gone too far. In particular, the lines about diseases or the mother of the other went too far.

The absolute slap in the face, however, may be the statement that he has “mistaken others”. Thus he asserts that his collaboration with Bushido was not correct: For my part, I would like to apologize to you here. (…) But as you yourself said recently that you might have done something wrong to others, you have noticed and realized it too.”

Baba Saad:

Even with Baba Saad, he seems to be no longer 100% behind bushido. Recently there was a rumor that there was a phone call between him and Rose. The two are said to have talked for an hour, another slap in Bushido’s face. Baba Saad did not confirm the call yet.

Jan & Sol

This only leaves Jan and Sully as permanent members of Team EGJ. It is clear to them at least that they will continue to stand by Bushido. Jean recently revealed that he is not friends with anyone in the scene except for those associated with EGJ. Sulli is now back after about half a year and is shoring up his loyalty.

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Sulli on Bushido and new music

“I’m sort of working on two albums at the same time now. 100% rap and another tune. I wrote a lousy billboard a couple of days ago, thinking about shooting a video in the coming weeks. #Majinboo I’ll keep you posted. (…) “Is everything okay with bushido?” I must inform him this week, God willing.”

Here you can see the answer