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Princess Charlene: After she stayed in hospital, she returned to Monaco

Princess Charlene: After she stayed in hospital, she returned to Monaco

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I’m back in Monaco

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Surprising news from Monaco: Princess Charlene has managed to leave her secret convalescence and has now reunited with her loved ones in the Principality.

After more than six months in South Africa and four months in a clinic, Princess Charlene, 44, can finally breathe again: she’s back in Monaco – with her family! The Palace announced this in a press release on Saturday 12 March 2022.

Princess Charlene continues her “recovery in the principality”.

In consultation with Princess Charlene’s doctors and “in light of the fact that her recovery is going well,” the royal couple jointly decided that Charlene can now “continue her recovery in the principality with her husband and children,” the statement said. “It is in this spirit that Princess Charlene has just returned to Monaco where she is delighted to see her family and loved ones once again,” the official statement read. The palace said the next few weeks “should allow her to fully recover so that she can gradually resume her official activities.” “As soon as her health permits, the Princess will be happy to share special moments of coexistence with the people of Monaco, whom I miss so much.”

Despite the good news, it was also confirmed that Princess Charlene “still needs peace and quiet”. Therefore, “the royal couple ask that their private lives and family environment continue to be respected.”

Best birthday gift for Prince Albert

Princess Charlene had to spend more than six months in South Africa last year, as a serious ear, nose and throat infection prevented her from returning. After several operations, the 44-year-old was finally allowed to return to Monaco on November 8, 2021, but the time with her family was short-lived. The reason: Charlene was “visibly exhausted both physically and mentally. She was exhausted and could not stand her official duties, her life in general, or even family life,” Prince Albert, 63, explained to the press about his wife’s absence.

In Formula 1 at Monaco 2011

Charlene has now recovered from the hardships of the past few months in a clinic and seems to be finally having the strength she had been missing. The best birthday gift for Prince Albert by far – The Guardian celebrates his 64th birthday on Monday, March 14th.

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